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liskakelly June 25, 2022

I was in SOOOO much đź’©/trouble when I was busted with this book!

I had this series hidden under my mattress (I think I was 13 or 14?) The books were so popular but I knew that if my Mom found out I was reading them I would be in huge trouble due to the incest story line.

I remember my parents having a serious discussion about me being in possession of them. Did enjoy "Flowers in the Attic" but the others didn't hold my attention.

liskakelly September 21, 2021

The amount of Indigenous people that go missing in Canada and receive no news coverage--just "another runaway Indian" it's so sad...yet if you're white you have constant updates....

liskakelly April 10, 2021

It’d be nice if Harry would take Archie, they have a nanny. It’d be nice for his family to see him.

liskakelly November 17, 2020

My mum has been moved from hospital to a new nursing home...she has not even seen where she is, cases are rampant in Canada and especially care facilities. They will be in total shutdown, soon. 

970,000 in the USA alone have Died! ICU are at their capacity. A young 36 yr oldMum in British Columbia was put in an induced coma snd her baby taken early because they don’t know if she’ll live .
Pete Evans is dividing more than helping and spreading hate and distrust...
As is David Jones

this is NOT A JOKE, ITS REAL,  

Lisa Kelly March 19, 2020

Thanks Holly, 88 yr old Mum out of hospital in heart breaks as every time you wonder if it will be the last time. This will be the first time in 23 yrs that I haven’t flown home to see her. I hope and pray all will be ok and airlines will be up and running again.