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j-l.harris March 4, 2021

I’m just gonna say, I have my daughter alone through IVF and no one has ever called me selfish or even implied they think I am. I received nothing but positive comments and support. My experience has been nothing like this woman’s. Best decision I ever made. So don’t let this kind of talk deter you. I strongly suggest anyone seriously considering solo parenting to go for it. I love it. 

Josie-Lee Harris May 20, 2018

Zara is under-rated. I think she’s up there with Harry as one of the most likeable members of the royal family. Plus she wore the Meander tiara on her wedding day which in my opinion is the best royal tiara I’ve seen so far.

Josie-Lee Harris April 6, 2016

When people ask me if I have kids it just feels so.. weird. I feel taken aback like What? Kids? Me? No of course I don't! I don't know why it shocks me, it's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. But I've never felt any maternal instinct or biological clock ticking. I'm 32 and to be honest if I honestly feel if I were told right now I could never have kids it wouldn't phase me.
... However. So many women who choose not to have children seem to have successful careers. It's all well and good if you are successful but I've failed to reach even a modest level of success in my job, I can't afford to travel as much as I'd like regardless of whether or not I have kids and quite frankly I don't like what I do for a living. So sometimes I think I should just bite the bullet and have a kid because 1) once I get pregnant surely the hormones will kick in and I'll start to feel maternal (I'd hope), and 2) no doubt motherhood would give my life meaning and a sense of accomplishment outside my cruddy job.
I hope that doesn't sound selfish...

Josie-Lee Harris June 22, 2015

They obviously don't kill every one, but they kill the majority...

Josie-Lee Harris May 20, 2015

Veganism is a first world luxury that I am greatful for every day. The ability to refuse food in itself is a luxury (ie dieting etc). Would I still be vegan if I lived on a desert island? Or in famine conditions? No. Absolutely not. I'd eat whatever I had to to stay alive, including meat. I'd slaughter a goat if it was all I had to survive on. But I don't live in these conditions, I live in a first world society so I'll keep being vegan thank you very much. :)

Josie-Lee Harris November 28, 2014

I kinda feel like he should lighten up a bit and stop trying to tell women what they should or shouldn't call themselves...