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justamamabeare May 6, 2020

I really dislike hot desking. Our company implemented it about a year ago In our office, other areas have had it for years. On Tuesdays (when I work from home) a lot of project people work in our office.
Most Wednesdays we find our Team area desks are covered in hair, food/spilled drinks and dirty tissues.
The rules are to clean the desk in the morning and afternoon but no one does. Each morning I spend at least 10 minutes cleaning the desk and then another 10 rearranging the cords, monitors and finding a chair.
Our team usually sits in the same desks in our assigned area we call it ‘not desking’ as a joke.
I’ll actually be happy with the extra cleaning and being forced to sit in the same desk ... when I eventually return to the office.

Justamamabeare April 30, 2020

I have to admit I am not so secretly loving it. I have two chronic pain conditions and not having to go into the office has made an enormous impact in the work life balance. Just getting ready and driving in take a massive toll on body. I’m enjoying working form home full time. My 21 yo daughter has also been working from home and she’s loving it as well. She gets to spend time with her dog and 2 kittens. She might just be the only 21 yo on the planet that is loving spending 24/7 with her mum as well. We managed to rewatch Gilmore Girls and all our favourite movies. We’ve cooked together, snuggled on the lounge and had some great laughs. This was a beautiful outcome out of a horrible situation for us, its time we have together before she goes off into the world, travelling, getting married and starting her own family.