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c&k - childcare & kindergarten August 17, 2020

Hi @mamamia-user-657567391, 
I can understand your concerns. We know from our work with young children that each child is very different and at different ages, in different situations, a child may be happy to share with another child. 

Respect, equity, diversity and being part of a larger community, underpins children’s learning and our teaching approach. Our C&K educators are thinking about how they can support, communicate and expand young children’s social language and interactions to respect, understand and negotiate a situation so all children’s needs are considered.  
At C&K we meet children where they are at. For some children they may not be developmentally ready to share, for example, our babies and toddlers may play alongside each other with similar resources. For children aged 3 to 5, it’s very much about helping them negotiate those social interactions and helping them feel ownership of their learning. Children can be involved in discussions and with support from teachers can work out solutions such as a “no touch” area or signs because it is work in progress and they need more time to complete their project. At other times, it may not be appropriate to share such as when a child arrives and is playing with a favourite and familiar resource that calms them and settles them into their day. Our teachers build a relationship and an understanding of each child to support their learning to communicate and collaborate with others. Hope that helps clarify our approach - we're happy to answer any other questions.
Taryn from C&K