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sarat023 January 16, 2022

Can we stop saying that the government will be giving us RATs for "free"? They are not free, we as taxpayers would be paying for them, which I personally think is a far better use of funds than say spending money to not buy submarines. 

sarat023 November 23, 2021


"With everyone referencing the amount of ‘lives saved’ by this man and his government’s handling of the pandemic please pause and take a moment to acknowledge the suicide figures in this equation. They are not counted as covid-19 deaths but these statistics are through the roof thanks to the lockdown rules. Also please take a moment to add the domestic violence statistics to you covid “lives lost” too they are also through the roof. And while your there take a little look at the statics around the mental health of children these are also scarily horrific at the moment. "

I sincerely hope you give this much thought and care for mental health, domestic violence, and children's welfare every day of every year, and not just in this covid moment while you feel it helps fuel your rhetoric.

Also, you may want to actually look up the suicide statistics for the last 2 years, I think you'll find they have not increased at all. While Lifeline and other services have had a massive increase in volume, there has not been an increase in suicides. You will also find that the government increased funding to these services.

Also, while you are at it, stop using suicide for anti covid mandate rhetoric. Suicide is multi faceted and devastating, and the survivors of which do not need you trying to use their stories to push your opinions.

sarat023 November 2, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 Or in the case of Nadia, following her scandal she's been deleted from Racing Victoria and the Melbourne Cup Carnival

sarat023 August 1, 2021

This makes me sad. No closer to knowing when I'll be able to see my family in Canada again.

sarat023 June 8, 2021

@mrsp both my husband and I are frequently asked when we are having another, and told that it's time to start thinking about some company for our son. He's two. 

sarat023 May 30, 2021

@gypsy from your comments on this opinion piece, I'm not sure that you actually read it. Perhaps you only read the title and have drawn your own conclusions.

The writer states that her parents had spent 4 months of every year in Australia since the birth of her first child 4 years ago, helping out as her husband travels for work and his family don't live in their area.
As such she would be doing it alone, raising her children, at least part of the time.  

On top of that, she has stated she is grateful for Australia, and the safety her children have here. She agrees with the border controls. She has even defended them.

She is trying to shine a light on the struggle of many expats and their families on the ongoing border restrictions and the unfairness of who receives an exemption visa and who doesn't. She isn't looking to open the whole country up to the world, she is looking for the gov't to revise their definition of family.

Her parents (and many other families) are willing to pay for flights, covid tests, quarantine, vaccinations and whatever else the government deems necessary to be allowed to physically see and help each other.

As she states above, she has applied for and been denied exemptions, as have many others, and yet we have Actors (Aussie Citizens or not) and all their entourage, and Athletes and all their entourage come and go from the country.

She may have chosen to live 12,000 miles away from her family, what she didn't choose was to be told that she cannot leave and her family cannot come. 

If her sharing her feelings and grief publicly (with many people who can empathise and others who share those same feelings) upsets you so greatly, perhaps you should take your own advice, get on with it, stop crying into your coffee and scroll on past.  

Or perhaps you could have a bit of empathy, hug the grandchild you are so enjoying, and take a second to understand the heartache of another grandparent that is being told that cannot do the same.

sarat023 May 12, 2021

@cat it's so true! They're doing the bare minimum to try to look like they care and are listening.

sarat023 May 11, 2021

Let's be honest, the changes to childcare are only a minimal win.
They don't take effect until next year and only benefit people with multiple children. Besides that, they don't actually encourage anybody who might be nearing the threshold income to work any more hours (if they wanted to) as they won't want to trigger any reduction to their rebate. 
Personally, I'm wondering if I should work less so that I can actually benefit from this child care reform.

sarat023 January 26, 2021


Of course she has a right to free speech. She also has the right to consequences for the things she chooses to say freely, publicly and loudly.