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thymeout September 16, 2020

@Guest You are absolutely correct.   Some of the "swim suit shots" make one think about why she was so interested in getting married so quickly.   She had been very close to Hasnat Khan (she had even given him a room in her home in  Kensington Palace) and had just started dating Dodi, so the calendar was obvious to track.   Sadly, many people prefer "pretty lies" to ugly truth.  But, truth is much easier to deal with.    Humans are hard wired to deal with truth; lies do not sit well.   They make folks very nervous.  

thymeout September 16, 2020

@Michelle Wells   The Honourable Frances Roche  (second daughter of Maurice and Ruth Roche (4th Baron and Baroness Fermoy) was married twice.    First to Johnny Spencer (Viscount Althorp) and later to  Peter Shand Kydd.     

Frances gave birth to the Honourable Sarah Spencer in 1955 and the Honourable Jane Spencer in 1957.   She then lost a son, John Spencer.   By 1960, she had developed a relationship with Sir James Goldsmith and in 1961, they had a child together named Diana. 
Viscount Althorp (Johnny Spencer) loved his tall glamorous and willful wife.  He forgave her "indiscretion," accepted Diana as his legal daughter, and "tried again").    In 1964, Frances then gave birth to Charles Spencer (the current 9th Earl Spencer).   However, Frances then become engaged to another man while still married to Spencer and by 1967 she was petitioning for divorce.  Frances  intended to take Diana with her, but Johnny's friends pointed out that he would look a fool if it were known that Frances had a child by another man, while married to him, so he m ade Diana a condition of the divorce.   Johnny Spencer even got Frances' mother (Ruth, Lady Fermoy) to testify against her own daughter.  Frances then abandoned (6 year old) Diana as if she were an old stick of furniture.   
When the messy divorce was over, Frances went to Scotland and married Peter Shand Kydd, the wallpaper heir.   They lasted for 21 years; then  he divorced her.  
[There is a good reason why Prince William looks like Zac Goldsmith (aka Baron Goldsmith, aka Lord Goldsmith) because Zac is William's uncle.   Boris Johnson appointed Zac Goldsmith as a Minister of State. (Check out the picture of Zac Goldsmith on Wikipedia; he is the image of William.)]  

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