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therookie October 19, 2021

It's very easy for adopted children to get jealous when they hear about kids who had a great family. I was adopted to a abusive, violent, horrific family who had no moral rights to adopt. My biological family is filled with more abuse and pain and subsequent substance abuse as well. It's nice to hear when some kids landed on their feet. I'm jealous of what might have been. But I wouldn't put another human through what I went through.

therookie October 16, 2021

@cat there are heaps of good men out there, your looking in the wrong areas. Broaden your horizon, change a parameter in your search. Lower your defence mechanisms.  Most men respect boundaries, they respect women. What men don't understand is hints, they don't understand an inviting look, the tone in a voice, and one million subtle hints you may have in your quiver. Think of most men as a dog. Dogs are great, they are lovable, cute, loyal. But at the end of the day they don't understand the complex equations of human interaction. It's almost like you need to roll up a newspaper smack the guy like on the nose. Then say " I'm Cat, and I like you, please treat with respect because I deserve it, let's go for coffee and cake and a chat". 

therookie September 27, 2021

My dogs are like this. They are good as gold for everyone. But when I get back they unleash the beast. They start jumping around and ignoring the rules. I have a huge neon sign above their heads that says "Sucker". Sorry if people get angry that I don't have kids. Cancer left me unable to have them, so my dogs are a replacement 

therookie September 27, 2021

You left off violence, and blame, I was adopted at birth, still addicted to the opiates my mother took. My adopted parents never forgave me for being born addicted to the drugs. 

My father had ptsd which he never sought treatment for. He was violent, abusive, controlling, narcissistic, his wife wasn't much better. She never bonded with me and they both openly said they never wanted me, but they were worried that if they refused me they wouldn't get a second chance so they settled for 

therookie September 23, 2021

Taking back a cheating spouse from what I have witnessed in my life, means that they have permission to do it again. 

When people cheat, I now tell friends to leave me the hell out of it. If you know about it then your guilty, if you tell the spouse your guilty. I made mistake of being the honorable person and I ended up the bad guy. Never again. 

therookie September 14, 2021

At the end of the day, she probably has a nice two story house, with a pool and most importantly a pool room for other important things like memories and baubles and trinkets. She has a life many would happily swap. Millions of dollars and thousands of fans. She has a lot to be thankful for. I would give my left pinky finger to be locked down in a mansion as opposed to my one bedroom unit.