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k_mcphee March 18, 2022

The 90s were hard on female pop stars?? Try being an size 16, 20 something back then in the days of ‘heroin chic’, crop tops, low rise everything!! So much for girl power.

k_mcphee July 23, 2021

I live in London and I’m really not getting home anytime soon am I? My Mum and Dad are in their mid eighties and I hear my Mum’s voice crack over the phone as we say goodbye with our usual “fingers crossed, love you” in a way it hasn’t done since I’ve lived here. I can’t think about it too much because it’s just too sad. 

k_mcphee March 27, 2021

I worked on the documentary, thank you for highlighting Shana’s story, it was a hard story to tell. 

k_mcphee March 5, 2021

Nicola is superb in Derry Girls, one of the best characters in a comedy ever and, at the end of the day while she was rocking a designer dress at the Golden Globes, Amanda Richards was sitting at home, full of nastiness, on her laptop. Boom! Who wins? 

k_mcphee January 12, 2021

Your child’s genitals have nothing to do with sexist stereotypes and the patriarchy. My 10yr son has been raised in a home with no stereotypes, he plays with girls as well as he plays with boys, he wears clothes of all colours, plays with all sorts of toys and couldn’t care less about his hair, or his appearance in general to be honest! Doctors are male and female, soldiers are men and women and working and running the house is everyone’s responsibility, Mum, Dad, everyone, all of this is a given, due to the care that we’ve taken in the language we use and the way WE conduct ourselves. He is completely oblivious to gender roles and guess what? He is a boy. One day he might not be, one day he may fall in love with another boy and we’re laying the groundwork for all of that to be perfectly ‘normal’ without putting any emphasis on he/her/they/them/she or wth he or anyone else wants to call him. Here’s another argument, by spending so much energy on the physicality of gender in what you believe to be a positive way you are directing attention and emphasis in a way that is not necessary if you’re child knows that we are all people and our physicality does not determine wh

o we are, how we interact with one another, and the person we grow up to be. 

k_mcphee December 8, 2020

Tubular mascaras have made my year!! Wish they were around 30 years ago! 

k_mcphee November 26, 2020

I’ll be your friend! Kids have got their bathers on, we’re on our way!!! 😂

k_mcphee November 3, 2020

I’m 47, I’ve used daily sunscreen for as long as I can remember and I’m fair so I’m not a sun worshipper, but, guess what? I friggin love my age spots and have no desire to “get rid of them”, they make me feel like a woman who has lived! 

k_mcphee October 29, 2020

Yep, I work in TV in London and you won’t hear a good word about Corden, cannot watch his nice guy act. 

k_mcphee October 15, 2020

Big up the vinegar! Been cleaning my shower screen with vinegar for years, easy as. 

k_mcphee September 9, 2020

I initially thought tik tok was ALL about funny dances, magic tricks, family fun pranks etc. So my son and I watched it together on my phone for good hour one morning and laughed. Since then I’ve watched it myself and I don’t know whether my algorithms have changed dependant on what I’ve watched but it now throws up more anger, road rage incidents, fights at protests, in supermarkets with anti-maskers, people sharing personal stories of abuse and trauma and just absolute aggro between members of the public. The final straw was two teenage girls doing coke. How the hell is it being monitored?? 

k_mcphee August 6, 2020

I’m a tubular mascara convert, was a devotee of Kevyn Aucion before I discovered ModelCo. Kevyn Aucion does seem to dry out quickly, doesn’t seem to have a great shelf life considering the price. ModelCo much better for that.  Sales assistant suggested I keep them out of light and it does seem to have helped weirdly. 

k_mcphee August 6, 2020

I’m an Australia who has lived in London working in television for over 20 years now, I can’t speak for Ellen, I’ve never had any dealings with her but I can tell you this, if (as rumours have suggested) James Corden replaces her?? That will be the joke of the century. You will not find one person in television who has a good word to say about him and that’s always been the case, even before he conquered Hollywood. 

k_mcphee July 17, 2020

Loved this article but just for the record, not all mothers are alike, you do not bond over school-run traffic and messy breakfasts. In fact, you very quickly learn that just because you have kids in the same class, you may have nothing in common, have very different ideas about parenting and life away from parenting and quite frankly wouldn’t even talk to each other if it weren’t for your children being friends.  Just reading your article I can tell I’d rather hang out with you than many mothers I know! I will never judge you as a woman with no children, please do not judge me as a woman with a child. 

k_mcphee May 22, 2020

Hmm...maybe now’s a good time to reacquaint ourselves with the lyrics to her song ‘Cola’ and bear in mind that she had a (in her words) “Harvey Weinstein type character” in mind when she wrote it. See what you think after that.