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carly s May 29, 2022

@cat A healthcare card does not ensure bulk billing. I have one and am not bulk billed. It is up to the doctor or practice if they accept a healthcare card. 

carly s April 29, 2022

Although I agree with a lot that is written in this article, but I do have an issue with dismissing domestic violence directed at men. Yes, domestic violence is having a devastating impact on women. I am a victim/survivor myself of an extremely violent man. But I would hate to think that my story and experience would be disregarded based on my gender. Men can be victims too. It is not as common as women, but it does happen.

Now that we have laws changing regarding coercive control, will we see more men being convicted or more women. 

carly s April 1, 2022

@cat if he had hit one of the female hosts the same way, would you still think it was just humiliation? The acceptance of violence against men is something that is not taken seriously. There is also the fact he did this in front of millions of people whilst Chris Rock was working. How would you feel if somebody did this to you in your workplace? 

carly s April 1, 2022

@michelle.harris4 yes, the words came out of her mouth. But there is something to be said about the abuse she is suffering from public opinion. Do you think this a worthy punishment? If all your hushed and whispered conversations and opinions were made public fodder, how would you fare? 

carly s April 23, 2021

The thing that astounds me is why a DVO is needed in the first place. Why does somebody have to go to court to get a piece of paper stating their ex is not allowed to hurt them? Why will the police not even entertain turning up unless you have that paper, and probably won't even if you do? Is signing a marriage certificate also signing away your rights to safety and a green light to your partner that they have the right to do whatever they wish with no consequences? Something is broken.

carly s November 14, 2020

This is very similar to my own story. 

I went to see a paediatrician who completely disregarded what I said, started speaking to me slowly with small words (because I must have a low IQ if my son has mental health issues) and gave me a list of books my son should be reading. Because reading a book at night will solve all my sons problems because it will calm him down and make him sleep. The judgement and condescension is palpable at times. 
I just wish they would stop looking at me and look at my son.

carly s September 10, 2020

@michael if this guy walked up to your mum, sister, wife or daughter in the street and smashed a wine glass into their face, would you have the same attitude? 

Just because a woman dates or marries a man, it is not an invitation for violence or a surrendering of their right for safety. 

Carly S April 11, 2020

This sounds like my life. I was feeling really sorry for myself today. I've cried several times. I just wanted you to know that I understand and I wish you the best.

Carly S January 21, 2020

You keep calling her your dear friend, yet you abandoned her. When she finally gets the strength to leave, who will be there to help her?

Carly S December 2, 2019

Thank you for discussing this. My son was the same. It went on for 12 months until I found a doctor that could help. I didn't have a supportive husband. I had just moved to a new city and was all alone. It was traumatic. Heart breaking trauma. Thank you for helping me to see clearer how traumatic it was.

Carly S August 6, 2017

Exactly. I also think that purchasing meat from a supermarket has made us not think about the fact that an animal has been killed to give us the meat. And how many of you are wearing leather shoes.

Carly S July 4, 2017

I was most surprised when you said your blood boiled because you weren't offered help and had to refuse help to another. Maybe you should try considering those in an actual difficult situation where no help is given and see how you feel then. Such as those with chronic illness, lonely elderly or a single parent with no familial support. Go and volunteer at a soup kitchen, this should mature you.

Carly S December 23, 2015

Wow, I think that is completely extreme. Were you not able to teach your child about personal safety and trusting their gut instinct? What happened when he went out by himself?