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keshi35 January 4, 2022

Aren’t the players of the Australian Open been put in a compromising situation? Australia is putting these elite sports people in a situation that is against their health, they’re been put in a very precarious situation, are their views important to the officials of tennis, these people that have all followed the rules of the Australian Open.

keshi35 August 12, 2021

I’m pufferfishing! I’m so angry that me and all the people around me follow all the COVID-19 rules, then there are people that make this whole situation worse, from there need to be heard as an antivaxxer or conspiracy buff, they are making this pandemic last longer, every time they break the rules and don’t isolate, go to Byron Bay to look at Real Estate, I have friends that are isolating, even though their family member has died, there are people that would love to be with them, emotionally support them, but they can’t as we are following the COVID rules, they have family on the east coast that can’t fly here to offer their love. Then I look around at people that do what they want, I want to cry in frustration! In the beginning the mantra often used was “ we are all in this together” what a laugh! Now it’s every man for the self! 

keshi35 February 14, 2021

I think it would be nice if the men from these shows actually stood behind these strong women. I don’t expect them to come forward with more allegations I just would like them to acknowledge that these woman don’t need to stand alone.