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di April 29, 2021

Ugh... very very tired of reading this stuff, tired of stupid grubby men, tired of the Andrew Lamings, the Trumps , the Christian Porters and this guy( who is this guy?).

  Tired of the crazy ex girlfriend rhetoric, tired of ‘ just joking, don’t you have sense of humour? Tired of abusers & rapists  getting away with hideous behaviours and whistleblowers facing life in jail.
Bored beyond belief that it is 2021  and this is still going on ( as you so succinctly pointed out).
The only ray of hope in this sea of misogynistic crap is articles like this. Calling it out every time.

di February 15, 2021

Abusers often get involved with empathetic people. Sia saying “I feel like I’m always gonna love him cos he’s such a sick puppy’ ultimately negates any responsibility this man has for his behaviour.

 There are a lot of people out who have had horrific experiences who do not become abusers ... just at “ alcohol does not make a man abuse a woman though it is often used as an excuse”.
Too often we are fed this dialogue. That’s why abusers choose us empathetic women because we will find any excuse for their behaviour because ultimately isn’t there good in everyone? He’s sick, traumatised, alcoholic.
   Until excuses stop being made and true help is sought these abusers will just keep abusing.

di December 26, 2020

It’s not shameful to feel this way.

My daughter is physically disabled and I have  had all sorts of comments. 
   I think at lot of people don’t know what to say and are trying  to be helpful . Trying being the operative word.
Such as  “ god wouldn’t give you more than you can handle”... really?!
 Thankyou for this article.     You’ve perfectly summed up life in a different perspective “you can still love them to pieces ...while recognising your situation is hard”.