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anastasia beaverhausen April 5, 2022

@han she probably bought RATs.

anastasia beaverhausen February 7, 2022

I feel like we should talk more about how Kanye bought Julia Fox an entire new wardrobe for their first date. Controlling much? I feel like he needs a lot of help in a lot of areas.

anastasia beaverhausen January 10, 2022

@Swordfishkiwi the current WA govt has completely underspent in health infrastructure that’s why your borders remain close. That’s nothing to celebrate. 

anastasia beaverhausen December 7, 2021

Dr Coulson is a complete fun wrecker and I'm having none of it. Santa is literally one of the greatest inventions of all time. He brings magic into what can be a really cruel and sad world. It's such a wonderful time of year for children. Don't be a ruiner!

anastasia beaverhausen November 9, 2021

As someone who had a tummy tuck, 360 lipo and fat grafting last year, I spent a lot of time researching surgeons. I firstly picked someone that was an actual accredited plastic surgeon. To think people choose "cosmetic surgeons" that actually trained as dermatologists horrifies me. Secondly, I chose a surgeon that isn't on social media as I wanted that person to actual concentrate on the work not on posting for their followers. It's an extremely dangerous operation and needs to be performed in a hospital. If you choose to do it cheaply (such as overseas) it's at your own peril.

anastasia beaverhausen June 3, 2021

I've got one boy. I can totally relate to the movement! The positions my son gets into is hilarious.  

anastasia beaverhausen June 1, 2021

I was so triggered by the final episode that I cried for an hour after. Brilliant series and excellent acting.

anastasia beaverhausen May 30, 2021

My son was bottle-fed. I never got any judgement nor did I regret it. 

You do what's right for you.

anastasia beaverhausen February 23, 2021

Was really enjoying it until about episode 5. Absolute plonker of a twist. 

anastasia beaverhausen December 16, 2020

@katp agree. I love Lizzo but I don’t know why she felt the need to tell everyone she was on a detox. The amount of over sharing people do on social media these days in next level. 

anastasia beaverhausen November 4, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 If that's what you took from the movie then you didn't understand it at all.

Anastasia Beaverhausen September 22, 2019

I am interested to know why author chose filler over PRP. I am currently having PRP as I was keen to rejuvenate the eye area rather than inject something artificial. Does the author have any information regarding the pros and cons of both?