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bondi girl March 12, 2022

I'm frequently having this conversation with friends - married vs singles and we've come to the conclusion that people who marry early didn't have other ambitions or got scared of being alone and settled. That's fine if people want to get married but it isn't actually compulsory. Personally I'm loving being single at 36. I'm doing the things that I wanted to and honestly, if I didn't I would never be happy in a marriage if I didn't follow my passions. I also wouldn't be comfortable bringing kids into a world if I was only going to resent them.

My point is, don't get married and have kids just because that's what "society" says you should do. It's a big commitment so only do it when you are 100% ready and want to.

bondi girl March 10, 2022

I love my minis. Always have but not even I would wear that. The low rise also wouldn't be flattering for most people. I think normal minis can be expected but the micro mini trend won't happen. At least not in Australia off the catwalk anyway.

bondi girl February 22, 2022

We need a more flexible work system full stop, not just for parents. If a job can be done anytime of the day then why are we still so rigid and say it must be done between the hours of 9 and 5pm?

bondi girl February 21, 2022

Unpopular opinion but I loved Che in the series. Out of all the characters brought in to balance diversity (which was OTT) I thought Che was brilliant. I was disappointed how Miranda and Steve were treated and the fashion was awful. Only Charlotte remained true to herself.

bondi girl February 21, 2022

I 100% agree. I would have kids in a few years time (subject to meeting someone of course and doing a few other things first) but I have no desire to be a stay at home mum for similar reasons. I would also be useless at it, but when it comes to homework, education, sports and emotional support I'd be brilliant. Not every woman is born domestic, some of us are better outside of the time, just like some men are better inside the home. We need to quit with stereotyping.

bondi girl June 30, 2021

I can deal with the lockdown. I'm lucky that I work from home. I also bought fitness equipment last year during the first lockdown. I would rather lockdown than restrictions but I would rather not have either if given a choice.