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mamamia-user-127018341 March 11, 2021

I agree with you on the questions about Andrew, I would of liked to know there opinion on what they think about it, I think he should be in prison already.

mamamia-user-127018341 July 21, 2020

Why aren't her other relatives or friends investigating whats going on here, for eg: like her sister they seem close, her mother doesn't have a say, I have seen some of her video's on Instagram and didn't she burn down her home gym, I feel a lot of empathy for whatever she may be going through, she has a boyfriend too surely he can help in some way, I really don't get it and if she does have a mental illness wouldn't she be on medication.

mamamia-user-127018341 July 9, 2020

My husband and my two adorable girls lived in public housing and my girls want for nothing we provided a safe and happy home they had a large backyard to play unlike today most private rental homes have small yards and no trees to climb or for shade, it really upsets me that some people still stuffer with class discrimination and feel there better than everyone else it's wrong and very hurtful but those people are not worth knowing are they. 

mamamia-user-127018341 July 5, 2020

Hell yeah I totally agree with Lisa Wilkinson i'm sick to my stomach watching the headlines about the royal family and the U.S. lawyers going back and forth about this, has anyone considered investigating prince andrew's apparent pizza run with his daughter because that's where he said he was which I think is bs, he needs to be arrested as well he had sex on not one occasion but three with Viginia Roberts a child at the time, times up and passed.

mamamia-user-127018341 June 25, 2020

I'm waiting to see The Conjuring, The Devil Made Me Do It bring it on. I'm a horror movie addict 😊

mamamia-user-127018341 April 28, 2020

Must get one I didn't even think of a silk cap just like a silk pillow case, great idea thanks much 👍

mamamia-user-127018341 April 28, 2020

I think it's lovely how these two have decided to keep there children safe and out of the glare of the camera's in saying that if must be hard thou, I bet there gorgeous looking especially with Eva's and Ryan's gene's good on them, finally a couple of celebrities trying to bring there children up alone no nannies but family very normal.