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meganrsaw June 23, 2022

A relationship which seems it was the product of just how patriarchal the world was in the sixties, a man who’s a celebrity and ultimately marries the child he’d met…then he goes on to  no longer desire her sexually after she’d given birth. Hate to say it but I lost a lot of respect for Elvis’s memory in reading this. 

meganrsaw December 27, 2021

I think that the issues/complaints raised in this article are completely legitimate though I have the feeling that much of it comes down to many minimally or even unqualified beauty practitioners alluding to being university qualified when what they’re qualified in is a certification in the beauty world not a nationally or internationally recognised education accomplishment. 

meganrsaw September 18, 2021

This is where the American option to ‘plead the fifth’ comes to mind for me - to refuse to talk as it may incriminate yourself…and then he ‘disappears’

I feel terrible that Gabby’s family are going through this added anxiety, potentially needless  hope and pain. Shame on Brian and his family - come clean no matter what’s happened!

meganrsaw June 14, 2021

I just wonder why her parents gave their permission for her to be married to a man so much older than her when she was 16!? If my child came to me wanting to marry anyone (especially someone considerably older) at 16 I’d tell them they need to wait until they’re 18 and hope they’d come to their senses in that time and not go through with it (I’d be actively discouraging it in that time too) 

meganrsaw October 24, 2020

I had no idea who she was as we don’t really have that code of football in WA. She sounds like a very desperate woman who needs to stay out of the public eye and revive psychological help in order to move on from the mistakes she’s made.

meganrsaw October 24, 2020

On holiday in London in 2007 age 19 I had a holiday romance with a successful( top 5 in the world) Real Tennis (goggle it)player. I was a naive blonde Aussie who he took to dinner with his friend Jude. We’d been joked  for days about Jude Law’s house being close by and he surprised me with at dinner when Jude Law met me as my date was running late. Kate Moss stopped by later in the night too. Both were lovely, I thought Jude was old (I was 19🤦🏼‍♀️)and Kate Moss was teeny tiny. 

My holiday romance also introduced me to Kate Middleton at the Hilton SkyBar on my same trip (before she was publicly known) as he’d been to school with princes William&Harry - Kate was stunning inside& out. 

meganrsaw September 28, 2020

I think two big contributing factors haven’t been included/considered/addressed. The environment/pollution/overpopulation and finances. On a level where all a person thinks about is their personal experience the article is relevant but given the state of the world there are far bigger (and more important) issues than having someone to look after you when you get older  or to make you laugh.