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niclips August 16, 2021

@loz  I absolutely agree !

niclips August 15, 2021

Am I missing something ? This seems quite balanced and very well thought out little one is eating quite a variety of foods for her age and seems to just be expressing preferences rather than being fussy ?

niclips June 30, 2021

Sending you lots of love and strength for the toughest of battles , such a heart breaking journey for your family 

niclips April 22, 2021

Utterly heartbreaking for her family , for her children and the community . We have to do better ........there has to be reforms in this area 

niclips April 6, 2021

I grew up listening to Kamahl with my parents and am glad we never watched this trainwreck of a show !!

niclips April 5, 2021

Beginning anything new is hard , gyms can be especially daunting as we are the other people seem so confident and able to do everything. more easily than we can (often looking awesomely fit in the process ) . Once you get into a routine most people are fine , but it's a hard slog at first 

niclips March 16, 2021

Looking from the outside of this issue I still could not agree more . Victim's families seem to receive  help mainly from the community and there seems little govt help for them to call on ........and that should never be the case 

niclips February 16, 2021

Wow , I can only imagine what more life has in store for you . Happier travels I hope , to safer shores 

niclips January 3, 2021

The USA must be counting the days until they can rid themselves of this corrupt man 

niclips December 28, 2020

What a clever insightful daughter you have raised , you must be so proud 

niclips October 26, 2020

That's appalling and not likely to help the tourism industry there 

niclips September 7, 2020

This really should be a case of 'voting with your feet' if you don't like them then don't watch ! Their behaviour was despicable and they in turn seem pretty awful .....I won't be watching 

niclips September 2, 2020

This is absolutely disgraceful , the police are there to serve and protect not scare and intimidate . He helped a friend CONVICTED of domestic violence carrying on his abuse and terror tactics , he should have seen jail time but at an ABSOLUTE minimum he needs to be sacked ! No woman in their right mind would want to have to seek help from this police officer 

niclips June 7, 2020

We all need to stop giving this fool airtime ....... and his salads are OK at best . 

niclips May 27, 2020

She is a revolting example of white privilege , she honestly seemed to believe that because he was black that she had a right to feign fear of him and get her own way . A truly disgusting example of racism at work