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mamamia-user-431308756 September 11, 2021

Thank you so much for writing this. My 19 year old daughter had an organ transplant as a baby, and is immuno compromised due to the daily anti rejection medications she must take for the rest of her life. From the outside she looks and acts like any other young and vibrant university student. The fact is that getting COVID could be quite devastating for her though, despite being fully vaccinated. I too cringe every time that the media casually dismisses those dying as ‘having an underlying condition’, as if that is somehow perfectly acceptable. 

mamamia-user-431308756 June 11, 2021

My bestie has had chronic Lyme disease for the past ten years, and says that she has really enjoyed the pandemic in many ways, as she is suddenly not home alone all day as in the past. Suddenly everyone is stuck at home just like her, so have more time for phone chats and general catch ups. Hubby works from home, and the kids are mostly doing university on line from home too. So much more is available on line as a result too, so she feels like she has more access to the rest of the world now.

mamamia-user-431308756 January 27, 2021

My 16 year old sprays his hair once every couple of months, and the colour looks great. He is a natural blonde though, who has just started to darken recently with puberty. It has taken his hair which was starting to become a bit mousy, and made it  look like more of a natural beach blonde again. I think it probably works better on short hair though.