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kj26 December 30, 2021

I cannot express my deep gratitude for the work put in everyday by our outstanding health care workers 🙏

kj26 December 30, 2021

Wow, how fortunate are we to have these incredible Women share their stories with us. It's a Standing Ovation Ladies, I thank you very much for your profound wisdom ❤⭐

kj26 March 15, 2021

How can this be the lead story after the historic day in Canberra? Put MAFS firmly where it belongs, right down the bottom of the page:(

kj26 March 14, 2021

This article is part of the reasons I enjoy Mamamia so much. I think when Lucinda said "My life is awesome, I haven't found anyone yet who would make it better." - that those are words all women should live by. If a person, your job, your familial relationships don't make your already awesome life better, give it a miss:)

kj26 October 4, 2020

@geekgirlau Thanks for sharing your experience. You are not alone, there are plenty of us who put 20 plus years into our relationships to have that man's mid-life crisis change our lives and the way we view ourselves as older women. My partner left me for someone who was born the same year we got together. At the time I felt humiliated and alone. I thought everyone looked at me with pity. It has turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I also found out later that it wasn't me they felt sorry for, it was him. He's the one he has to keep up with a 23 year old who is younger than his children. The stigma he has faced in our small town has been enough for me to forgive him and move on to a better life and a relationship I cherish. I do actually feel sorry for the girl as well. That sort of age gap will be very hard to bridge when he's 60 and she won't even be forty.

kj26 September 10, 2020

I will be sharing this article with everyone I know. I am in a very lucky place compared to most and we are still experiencing surging anxiety and to some extent survivors guilt. I cannot comprehend what my family in Melbourne are going through and my heart goes out to all in lockdown.