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megan_deng195 March 29, 2022

Putting aside whether BMI is relevant or not (I’m not a doctor), I’m not sure why this is such an issue. A nurse raised a potential health concern privately with a parent, and offered to follow up with a phone call to talk through the issue. Does the parent not want health professionals to raise concerns with them?  What the parent then did with this information or revealed to her daughter is entirely up to her.

megan_deng195 February 24, 2022

@daijobou I suppose it can happen just because some people are poor at organising their time. I think the difference is that when it happens because someone is working flexibly to attend to their family, it’s much harder to question or raise issues - you become the horrible person who doesn’t support working families. 

megan_deng195 February 22, 2022

Flexible work and hours is great in concept, but it inevitably impacts on the rest of the team. My female boss would leave work between 3-7pm to pick up the kids and have dinner at home before starting again post dinner. This was great for her, but for me it meant I often had to be around to chat about and process comments post 7pm for client work due the next day. One memorable evening, I received comments at 11pm and had to have them done for a 9am meeting the next day. 

megan_deng195 February 10, 2022

I agree with a lot of this article, but surely people will still have some level of personal preference? I don’t really see it as much different to preferring tall men, or men with brown eyes. 

megan_deng195 December 10, 2021

They’ve ruined the show - it feels like a school lesson in diversity now. I don’t understand why every show needs to be representative of every single type of person - what’s wrong with having a variety of shows which address different issues?

megan_deng195 October 11, 2021

I don’t see why it’s surprising that for-profit entities are stocking those colours that sell in larger quantities. It often costs more to stock less popular ranges as they don’t get volume discounts and the products stay on the shelf longer.

megan_deng195 October 8, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I agree with you. I was making a different point, but this site is censoring my attempts to clarify my original point!

megan_deng195 October 6, 2021

I wonder if this article would have been allowed if he was a member of a conservative religious minority, rather than Catholic?

megan_deng195 August 5, 2021

@katet Some mothers may choose not to leave their baby for more than an hour or two but it’s not unreasonable. In many countries around the world, mothers go back to work a few months after the birth so it really is a choice mothers make.

megan_deng195 July 24, 2021

@dangerk completely agree. The commentators condemning these protests were the same ones leading the charge for the right to participate in BLM protests last year.

megan_deng195 July 10, 2021

@cat Greater Sydney was under a two week lockdown from late June. This included movement restrictions  - specifically, under the rules in place through to July 9, people could leave home for essential work, medical care, education or shopping. I highly doubt all visits to Bondi and the beach from residents in the south west fell within those. 

megan_deng195 July 9, 2021

Perhaps the virus spread to the south and south-west because people from those regions were visiting Bondi against lockdown advice...

megan_deng195 July 5, 2021

Did you ask your grandparents how they felt? Perhaps they would rather take the risk of seeing their grandchildren than remain locked away by themselves for the last few years of their lives.

megan_deng195 June 8, 2021

As someone who is only 5’3, I never see myself “represented” on the catwalk, and honestly -  I just don’t care. Why are people so fragile that they need to be “represented” in every aspect of life to feel good about themselves? 

megan_deng195 March 21, 2021

@hannahs I don’t really appreciate the implication that anyone who has experienced privilege is somehow less entitled to have an opinion. In any case, I’m no more privileged than the average Australian. If you have no interest in intellectual discussions when you come home from work, that is fine and yes perhaps you wouldn’t filter prospective dates on that basis. I however enjoy those conversations outside of work so don’t feel it is superficial to assess prospective dates on that basis. 

megan_deng195 March 18, 2021

@littleblackdress I don’t think it’s a black and white thing, but in my experience, people with higher education tend to be more interested in discussing certain areas as compared to others. To pick a random example,  if you have a passionate interest in philosophy, you’re probably more likely to find like- minded people among those with a higher level of education. Again, I’m not saying this is always the case, but since you cannot date every single person, it isn’t the worst way of trying to narrow down people you might have more in common with. 

megan_deng195 March 18, 2021

@rush valuing education, for a start. 

megan_deng195 March 18, 2021

@hannahs didn’t say it was always the case, just that it can be a good indicator. As an example, I work in finance and I enjoy discussing the markets in detail - if I wasn’t with someone that had the education or experience to understand what I was talking about, that would be a big part of my life that I couldn’t really share or discuss with them. Similarly, I imagine that someone who didn’t have a similar background would find me and my interests incredibly dull.

megan_deng195 March 17, 2021

Not dating someone over a nose ring might be superficial, but not dating someone over drastically different levels of education is not necessarily superficial. It is a pretty good indicator of someone’s interests and values. 

megan_deng195 February 25, 2021

@cat I didn’t say it was interchangeable, in my mind marriage is a lesser commitment.