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krm December 22, 2021

I wish you and your son all the happiness in the world, Shaun. To the carrier and donor, what an amazing gift. Altruistic indeed. 

krm December 14, 2021

I love it when a new Holly Wainwright blog drops on Mamamia! Your writing is food for the soul. 

I also live along side an imaginary version of myself, I often reflect on how amazing she is ;) 

krm November 25, 2021

I’m don’t know why this isn’t labelled what it is, problem drinking aka a drinking problem. There should be no shame associated with it. I take my hat off to people who are able to stop drinking following the realisation that drinking is doing more harm than good. I believe the only difference between problem drinking and alcoholism is the ability to stop. I needed help to stop and I am so thankful there are programs out there to help people like me. A proud member of AA and sober since March 2012 

krm November 1, 2021

I was paying the annual membership fee for myself and my husband at the Perth Zoo and I was asked ‘Who is the head of the household?’ I was absolutely flabbergasted that in this day and age a question like that is still asked, never mind at a family friendly venue. I asked a few questions to clarify the intent of the question and I soon realised it was to determine who to address postage envelopes to. Whilst it was likely not the lady who served me that came up with this ‘phrase’ I did encourage her to simply ask the postage question or better still use the name of the person standing in front of her paying the bill. 

I was fuming when I updated my husband on what had occurred and even still when writing this I wonder if I overreacted. 

krm October 23, 2021

I also was in a relationship with a narcissist. It was a terribly painful time when I was discarded. It baffled me how this man could have such a hold on me. I realised it was because it was a relationship based on manipulation. During the love-bombing stage at the beginning of our relationship he told me all the things a woman dreams of hearing… it was a script a very well rehearsed script. 

krm October 21, 2021

This article is absolutely heartbreaking. How can this be possible, anywhere, never mind in first world countries. A perfect example of patriarchy in my opinion. It makes we want to rip my bra off and march for women’s rights. 

krm October 14, 2021

I love the advice your friend gave you.  I am sure you will raise a great man. 

krm August 26, 2021

@g.dv I agree. Very well said!