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snooze July 2, 2021

I’m sorry; but her husband is problematic as hell. How are people missing this? 

Society constantly tells mediocre men how amazing they are and this show reinforces that. The show tells us (and everyone in it tells him) that he’s the best man in the world because… he wanted to get married, he was nice to her, he made her dinner and he is nice at work. Yes, these are good things; but surely this should be sort of a baseline expectation of any half-decent man and not the be all and end all of the best of men and partners? 

His lovely wife wants to be intimate with him and have sex with him and he either doesn’t, half arses it, or watches sports over her shoulder! WTF! He is not at all in touch with his partner or her needs. Nor is he interested. You need to maintain a positive sexual relationship with your SO! 

He is all about his career and wants constant applause from her for it; but doesn’t see how much she has given up in terms of her own career to maintain their family. 

He shows very little interest in what is actually going on with her. 

He violates her privacy horrifically by reading her journal, and then grabs her face in a violent and aggressive way. 

And that’s just in episode one. 

This guy is endless red flags. He is not lovely. He is not the ideal. He is a Nice Guy TM being shoved down our throats as the perfect guy and due to our internalised misogyny we accept it. Ugh. This show is full of toxic masculinity. All of the men in her life suck. Why is this the best we can do?