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jessluv January 23, 2022

@cat ha! I don’t think you understand how state of the art quarantine facilities are built if you think they can get funded, designed and built in 6 months to even one year which was your comment. 

jessluv January 22, 2022

@cat this time last year everyone was expecting Iron ore prices to plummet and WA was bracing itself for another recession. There is no way we could have predicted iron ore would go the complete opposite way. This is probably unknown in the East, but when McGowan came into power, the economy was actually horrendous here, we only returned to surplus in 2019. 

I totally agree that WA healthcare has been neglected for decades - but seriously expecting a State of the Art facility to be funded, designed and built in 6 months since budget was announced is absolutely ridiculous.

jessluv January 20, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 it’s definitely good if this was happening, I just meant that last time many of the private clinics (not the hospital sites) and staff were not utilised and just shut down without redeployment.

jessluv January 19, 2022

@lexie.dog2010 yes I’ve read last time there was a pause many of the staff are so specialised in egg collection they could not be redeployed elsewhere, and the private clinics that take these patients are unable to be used for other surgeries anyway as the equipment is completely different.

jessluv January 19, 2022

Even though I made a negative comment below, I think I should really come in to bat for Gen Z and also Gen Alpha. You guys have so much compassion and love for the environment, your thirst for knowledge is amazing and your generations have arguably  lost the most due to Covid, yet I would say you have probably be the generation that has whinged the least about it.

jessluv January 19, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 Yes my children’s grandmother  was never even given the opportunity to go to school. My own dad started work at 15, into the army at 18. My grandfather was sent off to the army at 16 to a different country. 

jessluv January 15, 2022

@cat I understand people in NSW are angry, but please this blaming the people of WA is just the Liberal party agenda to take the the focus off them. WA was previously getting back 30cents for every dollar we paid in GST. When we were going through a recession while Eastern States were booming in mid 2010s, no other States seemed to complain about things needing to equal.  The next lowest payment at that time was NSW which was getting 88cents for the dollar back. Our own State funds are utilised to provide roads, healthcare and infrastructure to remote mining towns. No one could have predicted iron-ore prices would boom as a result of Covid. I do agree with you though some people in WA are being too rude and overconfident about our situation.

jessluv January 14, 2022

I think the government is probably wanting Covid to rip through, so that by the time the Fed election is called the numbers start to drop and most voters will either forget or be none the wiser. He and NSW liberal are just going to keep with the line it’s all ok, and then just blame WA for any shortcomings in their economy . It’s a fantastic political play but I really hope voters are smart enough see through it.

jessluv January 14, 2022

@laura__palmer it’s the opening up for a hard landing which seems to be the issue. I totally agree it’s time we open up and let people back in to WA. We are trying our best to brace ourselves for a soft landing so our healthcare system isn’t overwhelmed and our economy is not overly affected-  hence the vaccine mandates, masks will probably come back in. I guess we won’t know until Feb if it has worked, but we shall see.

jessluv January 11, 2022

Unfortunately the State Premiers and Federal government are doing everything they can to fuel this misdirected anger, so it can take the emphasis away from them. At the end of the day the only ones that have to answer to me is McGowan (in W.A)  and Morrison. We are all just doing what we can and whilst reading the comment sections of any article always brings out the worst, in my day to day conversations people of WA are worried about the avalanche about to hit us and sending so much love to our neighbours on the East. 

Jessluv January 10, 2022

@reannon I do kind of wish they would have waited for 5-11 group to get fully vaccinated before opening borders but oh well.

Yes I don’t feel that angry either,  everyone’s has been really relieved over Christmas. I think the heatwave and multiple shark sighting has been a bigger issue than the backpacker thing!