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beth-hill June 13, 2020

This whole engagement ring is so archaic. I’m 68 and have never understood the whole institution of marriage. Intelligent amazingly strong women waiting and waiting for some guy to propose. ( I’ve experienced it with friends so often) ask them I said, oh no I couldn’t do that 🤔 then planning a wedding usually extravagant to financially cripple them.  I had two children with a long time partner and when we split the process was no different.  I never felt my commitment needed a piece of paper to legalise it. After all these years I still don’t get it.  Happy for anyone else but not for me 


Beth May 27, 2019

I don’t understand why society is so fearful of children having the courage to say they don’t feel comfortable being in the gender they are living in. Does it hurt you in anyway? No. Please stop spinning your moral compasses and embrace people who have the courage to express their need to change their gender, their journey is hard enough without rejection and judgement.

Beth March 24, 2019

Seriously Jess and Dan remorseless trash. The three so called experts your a disgrace to your profession. You’ve now condoned lying and cheating weather it be male or female in every relationship going through this. You three should be ashamed of yourselves. You should have had more ethics than the ratings or your salary and asked them to leave. They both wrote leave what’s the rule if both parties write leave. And this morning they are gloating all over Channel 9 shows saying oh yes it looked bad. Sincere no.