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ellie2 August 19, 2020

I had a very similar experience with breastfeeding. My babies were feeding for 9-12 hours a day and not gaining weight. I expressed until i was bleeding. I cluster fed all bloody day long.  I'm a health professional so i absolutely knew that i "had" to breastfeed.  And i felt like a complete and utter failure that i couldn't.  I also called the breastfeeding support lines only to be told "just keep going". It was utterly soul destroying.  

Ellie June 13, 2016

I would add to that list Hungry Hungry Hippos

Ellie July 2, 2015

I forgot to mention, if you don't get a CMI when you pick up your prescription you can find them online, through the TGA website or the national prescribing service website.

Ellie July 2, 2015

Whenever you are prescribed a new medication you should always ask the pharmacist for the consumer medicines information (CMI). This is a leaflet that comes with every prescription medicine marketed in australia and will give you information on dose, side effects and what to look out for.

The champix CMI mentions depression, anxiety, thoughts of self harm and self harm.

Ellie June 29, 2015

Does that mean they need to change the name from Killer python to "Mildly frightening snake"?

Ellie March 6, 2015

I wonder whether it is the other way around with bonding. Rather than lack of bonding being the reason he had autism, perhaps you found it difficult to bond with him because of the autism. It would make sense, especially if he wasn't having the expected responses a baby should have.
And I think whoever finally discovers what causes autism is going to be in line for a Nobel prize.

Ellie March 2, 2015

First world problem. ......

Ellie January 21, 2015

Lady_t you are right, I have searched the Triple J website and I can't find it. I'm certain it was there though as I remember it vividly and the accompanying comment. Maybe they revised the list to remove Celine..... the other possibility is that my memory is going!
Sorry if this appears twice, my comment seems to have got lost.

Ellie January 21, 2015

Lady_t I have just gone back through the list and you are correct, it is not there. I remember it vividly, I was gobsmacked that Celine Dion made it into the countdown because it is not a song that I expected Triple J listeners to vote for.
Perhaps they have revised the official list for that year? (Surely I didn't imagine it?)

Ellie January 20, 2015

I remember a similar situation, quite a few years ago now in the Hottest 100 countdown, Celine Dion's song "My heart will go on" (from Titanic) made it into the top 20. The announcers at the time said this is the one and only time this song will EVER be played on Triple J. But play it they did. The difference I suppose is that there was no campaign to get it to number 1.

Ellie November 23, 2014

True, the article wasn't about RA specifically. Auto immune disease is a term that refers to a number of quite different conditions which all have something going awry with the body's immune system, rather than a disease in itself. What makes the immune system attack itself is not well understood. I'm sure stress doesn't help but the answer is not as simplistic as 'love yourself'.

Ellie November 23, 2014

There are a number of Auto immune diseases, of which rheumatoid athritis is one.

Ellie November 9, 2014

Natural selection .......

Ellie October 9, 2014

Mine did too! I used to puree my bolognaise sauce with a stick blender. Finally this year they started eating the vegetables.

Ellie September 20, 2014

You have to get proper food colouring gel from a specialty cake decorating shop to get the colours so intense. You can order them online.

Ellie September 19, 2014

There are so many things that nobody tells you when you are pregnant. Like the fact that when your baby has a booger that is blowing in and out of its nose when it breathes, somebody has to get it out and that somebody is you.

Ellie August 25, 2014

I have a very wise friend who said to me when I had my first baby, that on the first day of school, standing at the gate you cannot tell who was breast or bottle fed. I had a very difficult time breastfeeding and persevered until 5 months with each, with a mix of breast and bottle. Her advice helped me when I felt like an utter failure.