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kookaburra March 16, 2021

So it’s common to bleed during anal sex but you reckon it shouldn’t be painful? Sounds like pain is common, especially if anal fissures are common. They are not just uncomfortable. They really hurt. Why the misinformation?

kookaburra March 7, 2021

Thank you so much for writing this! I laughed so hard. Nervously, but hard 😊

kookaburra July 4, 2020

You don’t have to be everyone’s dumping ground. Stand up for your right to have peace and tell people to stop. I’ve done this, explained that I’m not coping and it’s too much and for the most part, people respect my wishes. If the don’t, I remind them that it sounds like they need some support which I’m not in a position to provide right now and then suggest they seek professional help. Honestly if you are going to keep giving, people will keep taking. Save your care for the people that mean the world to you and those that reciprocate, you’ll find yourself a lot less drained. Good luck xo

Lillyhead July 7, 2015

Thank you so much for writing this, sharing your story and being a voice for so many of us. I was beside myself with fear of having to wait 6 weeks to see a Psychiatrist. I didn't make it to 6 weeks, I took myself to emergency and asked to be hospitalised so I would be seen quicker. I knew I couldn't make it to 6 weeks. I was out of my mind at that time, all those years ago but life has completely turned around now. At the time it was so hard to see that period as a short time in my life but it has turned out to be that way. I know that I'll always be on medication, have triggers and be vulnerable in times of too much stress but I am planning a future, no longer wishing I could die from a disease and save my family from having to deal with my suicide.