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mamamia-user-228326057 July 6, 2021

My 4 year old daughter is in active treatment for cancer, she is immuno compromised and a textbook ‘vulnerable person’ we’re praying and relying on the consideration of EVERYONE in our community to protect her life. It enrages me to see people flouting the restrictions for their own selfish sense of entitlement. I understand that people feel it’s safe for themselves but the elderly and vulnerable 

deserve our respect and protection.

mamamia-user-228326057 November 30, 2020

I almost cried reading this. It’s so, so true. My 3 year old got Leukaemia last year, and I have never felt depression like receiving that news. But scraping yourself up, pretending like you were human, getting dressed in clothes even when you felt like a ghost pretending to be a person. Until finally after a year, you do feel more like a person. Doing one small thing, giving yourself permission to let things go. It all helped. Great article. Nailed it.

mamamia-user-228326057 November 18, 2020

My 4 year old daughter has Leukaemia and requires frequent blood & platelet transfusions, people generously giving blood is literally saving her life. Thank you.

yes! May 18, 2020

Hell yes.. nailed it.

Noelle May 29, 2019

Wow, very harsh on the author, it clearly states “Parent Opinion”, she’s giving her perspective as a mother of a child with Autism, a diagnosis does not define them. If you knew a person on the spectrum, you’d know they are all individuals. No better or worse, with goals & hopes. She’s stating that implying that ASD is to blame, is counterproductive and works on the social psyche.
As a parent of a child on the spectrum, all I hope for is inclusion and a bit of empathy.