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flissyb December 29, 2020

If just one of these events happened and pretty much wipes out the world then wouldn't that cancel out the other events happening?

flissyb November 25, 2020

I've heard that if anyone even slightly leans to the left in Parler then they're kicked out. So much for free speech and all that...Frankly I'd consider it a badge of honour to be kicked off a platform like that.

flissyb November 11, 2020

I've got a list of far too many good shows to bother about the bad ones.

flissyb November 9, 2020

@cat I don't think Trump even cares about the Republican party. He knew they were the party that would accept him and his ideals but If he had the chance to he'd rule completely on his own. The Republican party is just a vehicle for him.

flissyb October 30, 2020

Unless you're under 10 years old, who on earth goes to bed at 9pm? Is there a national bedtime I wasn't aware of?

flissyb August 26, 2020

So Pete and his followers believe in spreading sunshine and love but when someone disagrees with them they become abusive. What happened to the love? The hypocrisy is astounding.

flissyb July 2, 2020

@flissyb Oops my apologies. Posted in the wrong area. Didn't realise I had scrolled down to a different article.

As for people not believing that the Stolen Generations happened. I've always found it very telling that they automatically believe that white children were taken due to forced adoptions (they absolutely should be believed) but as soon as it's mentioned Indigenous kids were removed it's ''no no that never happened the government would never do that''! Why is one group worth believing but not the other?

flissyb July 2, 2020

I remember when 60 Minutes did a story on the Romanian Orphanages. I was only young at the time but I've never forgotten it.

flissyb June 5, 2020

I'm no fan of Pete Evans or his views but I do think he's seriously unwell and needs help not ridicule.