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stan.goodvibes November 6, 2020

"Is it worth it? All so that I can maybe... hopefully... find sex and love again?"

Yes, it is. 

stan.goodvibes September 22, 2020

""My partner wants me to squirt during sex. How do I do that?"

You don't. Just tell him you are a woman, not a performing seal.

stan.goodvibes August 30, 2020

I'm constantly amazed by the stories of bad dates and lying men on Mamamia. This story resonates with me because it seems every woman I know has been lied to by a BF. My sisters BF slept with his ex during their whole 3 year relationship before she busted him. My current GF had an ex who said he had a long-term GF who was dying of cancer and that's why he could only see my GF (for sex) on weeknights. A female friend just busted her BF booking a hotel room while away for a weekend in the Goldie to stay 'at a mates house'.

As a bloke (who admittedly hasn't been perfect in the past, although never to the extent of what I've read about on here) I can offer this advice - if you have any suspicion at all that some guy is lying to you, he probably is. 

Stan Goodvibes June 14, 2015

sahm it's the very lack of Christians doing what Jesus told them to do, you know - feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless etc - and the rise of the prosperity gospel and armchair morality over stupid things like same sex marriage that is the reason your religion is dying out.

Can you not see the bigger battle here? - your belief system is under attack from science (debunking creationism), morality (acceptance of people no matter who they sleep with) and environmentalism (debunking climate change denial). You are losing on all 3 fronts.

Jesus isn't coming back to save you. God won't rescue his planet before we destroy it. Gay marriage will not be the downfall of our society. And in the time it's taking you to realise this, your religion is turning away an entire generation and will die out in this century.

Stan Goodvibes June 13, 2015

I think what I like most is them getting abuse not only from normal right-thinking people everywhere, but also copping it from their fellow Christians (because nothing a Christian loves more than aiming Gods judgment at someone else) for mocking the sanctity of Gods marriage.

How to double-down on the hate in just one post. WIN