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aj July 5, 2020

I was just recently ghosted ....I mean he sent me a last text then blocked me:/ we had been dating for four and half actually 5 months. He told me several times face to face he cared for me and we were starting to fall in love. He was faster then I was. When I met him he was a serial dater before everything closed down from virus.  We were dating before the virus. He lived 2.5 hours away and would drive down for over night or he weekend.  At first we would do dinner, go out and then hotel.  When the shut down came I let him stay at my house. He slept in the basement so my little girl thought he was a guy I was dating that drove far and it was to late to drive back. She never never knew we slept together.  After 4.5 /5 months we planned to go on a family trip out of state for the holiday. He was gonna get his own room but drive down with my 2 children and I.  I saw him 5 days before everything fine....everyday we texted about the trip and how he was excited and cared for me. The day before trip he was going to drive down so we could leave early the next day. However,  it was my bff birthday and I had asked him to come a certin time cuz I had dinner plans with her and my children....he texted me and said he was leaving after work at 4 which he would have gotten to my place around 7 but we agreed upon 9. So I asked him what are you doing for 2 hours he said go get some food n sit in my car:/ I was like I'll just hurry with dinner cuz I felt bad him waiting. He kept saying he would just meet at 9. Twenty five minutes later he had canceled his reservation and texted me he never wants to see me again. That our relationship is too expensive and he lives too far and its unhealthy cuz one of my children didn't like him and that I was the sweetest person he had ever been with and no one will ever compared to me

 Then said I'm blocking you. We really didnt fight...the logistics of my text prior was babe just eat and come dont wait 2 hours in the car babe. Just text me when your close and I'll head home. He always spent money on us doing things and said money doesn't matter and he always even in the text message said the distance was worth it to him to see me but his job is to far and hes not changing it:/ to the end he was kind and even kept my room for me n the girls. He asked me not to come to his job, home or try to find him in public. In the beginning he had told me he used to dump girls like this all the time but promised me he would never do this to me when I asked him to please never do this to me. In is text he said he would have talked to me but the results would still be the same. I keep crying, went on the trip it was horrible cuz i drove 5 hours with my children and cried half of it with a broken heart. The last weekend we spent together which was 5 days before ghosting me he said it was the most amazing weekend together!! The whole week he never indicated AT ALL of any problems, issues or concerns.  We only really had 2 strong conversations/ disagreements in our whole relationship about my trust issues and that I trust him but with his past history and living so far i was nervous to give him my heart. Once he knew i was crazy in love with him he ditched me. The same hour he texted me i borrowed my oldest daughters phone and called and left 3 messages but heard nothing from him. It's been 3 days and still nothing. I dont want him back after what he did but now I think I'm pregnant 😭😭😭 I'm not sure what to do. I'm 7 years older then him. Although I'm very healthy im not sure if I want this child.  I might want to give it up for adoption instead of being a single old mother. Not sure if I should leave a message,  send a letter or tell him to his face.  He said to me always if he got someone pregnant he would marry them. As much as I had loved and adored him. After breaking my heart like this I dont ever want a future with him. Any suggestions on how to tell him. Like he has blocked me and obviously back on dating sites and I meant nothing:/ and it was all lies😭