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mamamia-user-717442459 October 5, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing Kaitlyn’s story. I’m really enjoying Mamamia sharing the more real side of motherhood and the huge gamut of emotional responses that come with it. It can take real gumption to seek help, and this Mum should be proud of herself for that

Just in case you happen to read this Kaitlyn - I saw the segment on Insight last night too. You seem like a great Mum and your boys are very lucky to have you. Sometimes you just need to hear it. x

mamamia-user-717442459 July 8, 2021

Lily - you've been living a lie. You're DEFINITELY 5 foot 9 inches (not 5'7) :-)

Other than this - I feel you, babe. Thanks for the article! x

Myf July 29, 2019

ENTIRELY agree!!! This is such a beat up. BJ may be incredibly inarticulate, and objectively a bit of a dick BUT - he was trying to make a point about how hard it is to manage on a 'decent' income, and shining a light on the paltry amount that Newstart recipients manage on.
This is actually a serious issue, and by using Barnaby as the punchline you have totally missed the point, Claire.

Myf October 27, 2018

Having Rhesus D-negative blood is not a ‘disease’. It affects about 15 percent of people, mostly caucasians. It really isn’t that big a deal in pregnancy, and really only comes into play after the birth of your first baby (or after your first miscarriage) but even then - it’s a pretty simple jab of a needle.

I’m all for Cheyenne not telling people about her pregnancy. Whatever - her body, her baby, her choice.

But PLEASE let’s not worry ladies with Rh D negative blood. Pregnant women have enough to worry about...!

Myf December 16, 2016

i am all for advocating for your child, but yelling at the teacher (and then writing an opinion piece with such pride) is frankly appalling. You have no right to speak to someone like that. This teacher sounds far more reasonable, adult and professional than either you or your husband. The fact that you boast about your young son hearing about it, and then talking to his friends about it is beyond belief. Please don't take this authors advice. If only we treated each other with a little more respect.