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anita.464 May 16, 2022

@grumpier monster no, that's not what Bitcoin is.  And if you delve into what currency is backed by these days (now that they have scrapped the gold standard) you might find that Bitcoin isn't much different to the USD or AUD in its essence. 

anita.464 May 16, 2022

@mb1111 as someone who holds a crypto portfolio, I can confirm crypto is 100% gambling.  Most tokens and coins have value simply because people want it to be so.  And nft's? Omg don't get me started on those ridiculous 'assets'.  Most people have absolutely no idea what they are doing.  And that includes the 'experts' I subscribe to on YouTube.  Our portfolio when from $12,000 to $1,500.   All because of 'market sentiment'.   We learnt the hard way.   I won't be buying any more coins.  Thankfully hubby has been delving into the complex trading tricks that actually make money so we could recoup our losses - but he did so by exploiting the exact weaknesses in the algorhythms that lost us our initial investment. 

anita.464 December 27, 2021

@guest2 freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.  

anita.464 June 16, 2021

My first boss had two sets of twins.  Same thing I think. The 'we will just have one more kid' idea.  She had three girls and a boy, under 2.5 years old.   She paid to go to work (childcare took her whole lawyer salary).  I couldn't understand that at the time.... Now I have kids myself and I TOTALLY get it. 

anita.464 June 6, 2021

@dragonlady25 my parents are choosing to wait until Pfizer is made available to them.   Mum is immunocompromised and her luck in life tends to suggest she would be one of the 5 in a million to get clots.  But if covid breaks out they will take AZ.  It's about weighing up the risks for yourself. 

anita.464 March 6, 2021

@chrissyinthemiddle 'systematic cultural change', of what?, the royal family?  And the media policy being... what exactly?   The spill discussed the origins of the hatred recently and it certainly doesn't stem from a place of malice on M or H's part.    I think this is two people forced into an impossible situation by a toxic workplace and a ridic tabloid media.

anita.464 November 26, 2020

@kelly you just read this article and that's what you took from it? That Meghan just wants attention?  Do you know her personally?  If not, then you may not even realise that the only reason you feel the way you do about her is because so much mud has been slung at her that some has inevitably stuck.   British tabloid media has literally killed people.  And they are manipulating you to hate on a total stranger in her time of grief.  

Anita Cripps January 27, 2018

Or maybe she has an illness or something? Wouldn't be the first time a celeb has dropped out of the spotlight because they have lupus or cancer or something.

Why must the default rumor be pregnancy?

Anita Cripps February 3, 2015

Whilst I feel this is an embarrassment to even have to face an issue such as this in 2015 secular Australia, a person could travel 30 mins to another hospital for contraceptive or abortion - related treatment. It's not an emergency thing. I'm not in any way saying it is ok, but I would just choose to go elsewhere (although I shouldn't have to).

Anita Cripps February 3, 2015

I was groped on the bum in full public view in India. At least 50 people watched it happen, and my husband was with me at the time. Noone said a word (my husband was already in the taxi and didn't see it - he only heard my reaction). They honestly have the worst attitude towards women there. Shameful.

Anita Cripps February 3, 2015

Humans didn't grow the big wonderful brains we all take for granted today until we 1)figured out fire - thus being able to extract more energy out if our food, and 2)got access to a wide diet of carbs, fats, sugar and protein. Modern food is good peeps! We have got this energy-abundance thing figured out! Enjoy it! Don't go back to cave dwelling... They got sick a lot and died young.

Anita Cripps February 1, 2015

I gave it about 4 minutes, but the style of filming and constant cuts to the not-at-all-funny commentators made me switch channels. I hope they didn't pay much for it!

Anita Cripps January 30, 2015

That is sickening to watch. Because they are children they cannot speak for themselves. If he did it to an adult he would be charged with assault - no question. The law needs to act... All the proof you need is right here! If he is comfortable doing that in public you can only imagine what he does to them at home.

Anita Cripps January 28, 2015

My first big trip (other then a few weeks in Thailand) was to India and nepal. I tell you what, the vaccination schedule should just have 'human pincushion' written on it! Even coupled with a 'travel pharmacy' in the backpack (literally - it has a book explaining how to administer it's contents based on a table of symptoms) and an uber expensive anti e-coli thing I got morbidly sick on Delhi belly. Vaccinate people! Being sick is horrible! Especially when thousands of miles away from home.

Anita Cripps January 28, 2015

Just as more people die in cars then they do on planes, the media only covers stories that will illicit reaction. More babies die in hospitals then they do at home. The choice to birth at home should be carefully considered, but it is and will continue to be a wonderful and largely safe method of birthing.

Anita Cripps January 26, 2015

I agree with some of what you said, and disagree with other parts. But essentially I think we all have to ask ourselves this: would you change what you think because someone told you to? I have spent some time in Egypt and was treated horrendously by local men - it was very distasteful to me. But just because I know their behaviour is wrong, offensive and all together disrespectful I don't see how me telling them that (and I did - usually because there was a strange hand of my butt) is going to make them think differently. Change comes from within, and from women rebelling against these practices. As they say 'Almost all major cultural and societal change stems from the female head of the household'.

Anita Cripps January 23, 2015

It might seem like an abomination to us (the death penalty sickens me) but to be fair, this is how societies have been sorting out criminals for almost all of human history. We can't just have a shift (in the developed world) over the past few hundred years and then expect everyone else to follow suit. The punishment for the crime was very well known before he did it - I think as Australian we often feel bulletproof ; like it will never happen to us. But it just isn't true.

Anita Cripps January 21, 2015

Swimsuit, tank top... If you hadn't been told, could you really tell the difference?

Anita Cripps January 13, 2015

I have to say it... OMG her boobs are amazing! Wish I had a pair like them!

Anita Cripps January 13, 2015

When you still have to use the word 'alleged' you have a problem. What if he DID end up to be innocent? Then you are guilty of slander. Innocent until proven guilty. It isn't about what you think - that is what our legal justice system is for.