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tiare.snow April 23, 2021

What a great list! Most I’ve read, others are on the shelf waiting to be read, and the rest are now in my shopping cart. A great list indeed to present to my book clubs. Nice work Jessie. 


tiare.snow March 8, 2021

@katp That must have been tough for your mum/dad.I have a lot of memories of catching the bus everywhere with my mum before she got her license, which wasn’t until quite late. 

tiare.snow March 8, 2021

@mamamia-user-515500734 Even I find myself chuckling.

tiare.snow March 8, 2021

@dynamitesdaycare #thanks 

tiare.snow March 8, 2021

@rendezvousdayboro Thank you

tiare.snow March 7, 2021

Awesome. How about, Has MANopause made him less desirable? Lol

tiare.snow February 22, 2021

Great post. Thank you for writing this. My husband and I discuss this a lot. We have just had our third. He quickly got the snip straight after. lol. We are not monsters for wanting our abs, and our business, and our nice car. We are not monsters for wanting our own lives. I often say, My children are not my life, they are apart of my life. And I make a conscious effort never to justify my love for my family before having a whinge about them. It goes without saying. Power to you. T x

tiare.snow February 16, 2021

@dynamitesdaycare you know I love your feedback and support. X

tiare.snow February 16, 2021

@cj11 thanks so much for your comment. It’s a hard pill to swallow and it doesn’t mean I’m impervious to insecurities. I’ve still got a long way to go. But gosh I feel a weight has been lifted since realizing that no one cares but me and you are right, what example are we setting for our babies if we act so harshly towards ourselves. Get in that swimsuit Mumma. Xx