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katrina ballerina February 6, 2021

Sometimes people need to accept that the child isn't interested in reconciliation or having a relationship at all.  My birth giver was a narcissistic so-and-so that manipulated and was physically violent towards me and my dad.  Decided my sibling was the only one "worthy"... I have zero interest in seeing or speaking to said birth giver again.  I will have no regrets (despite what people tell me).  I have prepared an obituary and funeral speech for when the time comes - a tell all about the damage done and crucifying the other adults in my life who I reached out to for help but instead listened to her....

Kate May 4, 2015

i just tried it - awesome

Kate May 1, 2015

(1) how is this school allowed to stay open? First I can't have bacon, now they've tainted my chocolate... Clearly this is "multiculturalism" gone wrong!

Kate May 1, 2015

i couldn't afford the gap fees, so I couldn't go. 3 attempts later, i'm still trying to deal with this on my own... Australia's "universal healthcare" is a joke.

Kate April 6, 2015

So glad my 6yo daughter wants to be an obstetrician, not a ballerina or a singer or "famous" - her dream hasn't changed since she told us at 3 years of age... they say with certain things you always "just know"....

Kate March 26, 2015

Aside from babbling, my daughters first real words were: turtle (her favourite stuffed toy/security blanket), ipod (she still refuses to sleep without rain-forest or classical music softly in her room), puppy, and elmo!