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amymonty April 13, 2021

What's that, the drama teacher was really an actor??? No!! *eyeroll*

amymonty April 4, 2021

Grieving for a future together that never happened screams needy/desperate/clingy. Men can sense desperation like it's a perfume we wear. It's harsh but true. Stop expecting anything and just take each date as it comes. I finally learnt that lesson and the guy I expected to be a casual fling ended up being my husband. 

amymonty March 11, 2021

The time limit thing is a myth. You can have an epidural any time before crowning (where the baby's head is clearly visible) I had mine at full dialiation and thank God because my placenta didn't detach and the obstetrician had to scrape it out and stitch me up. Not fun. 

amymonty February 18, 2021

David Letterman has publicly come out as having been an alcoholic for most of his years as host of his show, which he no longer is. 

IF he were to publicly apologise to each person he ever bullied/belittled/ridiculed or made uncomfortable on his show, he would have to write another autobiography to fit them all in there. 

amymonty December 13, 2020

I agree with many of the other comments. Being a parent (mother or father) is so challenging and in my experience absolute hell. My first 10 weeks left me feeling traumatised.

Only after I went back to work did my sanity begin to return (at the 6 month mark).
Usually fathers form their bond with a baby once the baby can start interacting with them, wanting cuddles, saying their name etc. Give the father some time, during which he should get some professional support. There are many avenues available. 

amymonty November 26, 2020

So basically, white, cis,  abled, etc etc actors are only allowed to portray white, cis, abled etc etc characters? 

Considering we are trying to be more diverse and inclusive in the arts that will leave those actors with very few roles to choose from.
And also are villains not allowed to be portrayed by any category of marginalised human? Can they only be portrayed by white, cis, abled etc etc so as not to offend anyone?

amymonty November 22, 2020

@birdie Princess Margaret did not kick up a fuss. That was just on The Crown.

As the articlel states, the press reveleased the truth, Margaret never so much as visited them.

amymonty November 19, 2020

Uuummm... this is NOT a normal experience. 

I'm Catholic (non-prac) and I work in a catholic school. The first three things on this list are just not normal. No dances, no banger hymns, and no special grass. You don't have to take part in reconciliation or confirmation (you don't even technically have to be baptised to go to a catholic school, it's just preferred).  

amylouise0185 November 16, 2020

Stalking laws are needed. We need hard-shell penalties for this kind of harassment. 

How many more Celeste Mannow's need to die?

amylouise0185 October 30, 2020

8. We actually eat many of our national animals. They're delicious. 

amylouise0185 October 23, 2020

@rush nope, i can confirm from first hand experience this really happens. I lived with a guy whose jocks were covered in skid marks and his excuse was that it wad too hairy back there to clean properly. He also never brushed his teeth. Ive since learned he no longer cuts his hair anymore either. 

amylouise0185 September 29, 2020

So shall we all boycott Silence of the lambs and Psycho aswell. What about Tootsie, White Chick's, Big Mommas House, The Nutty professor, The Bird Cage, and all other films or books that portray cross dressing or trans characters? 

Rather than using the book as a platform to raise awareness of queer issues, the haters are turning into an Us and Them battleground and they will lose support from both sides with such a totalitarian approach. 

amylouise0185 September 27, 2020

I couldn't agree more with this concept. 

Im 35, the dark circles and wrinkles are blatant, but I've stopped wearing make up to work. Mainly because half of my face is covered by a mask anyway so what's the point? 
Now I'm obly wearing concealer , eyeliner and mascara IF I feel like it. The bottle of foundation I bought at the start of the year is going to last a VERY long time. 

amylouise0185 July 29, 2020

Or here's a suggestion. 

Only have a group A. 
Only invite the people you ACTUALLY care about.
I had 50 guests at my wedding and there were still people there that I only invited because I HAD to for political reasons. 
It was intimate and special and I didn't waste money on catering for my "second cousins boyfriend" etc.