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kylie May 5, 2021

I really worry about Australia’s standing in the global community once covid is finally over - we’ve ostracised ourself in order to keep covid out, which for the most part has worked, at the expense of humanity and empathy at times. I can’t think of another democratic country who has been so solely concerned about their own standing in this pandemic without much concern for others, or indeed it’s own citizens. It’s embarrassing and disappointing - but not entirely surprising from our xenophobic governments.

kylie April 30, 2021

#18, Christie hit the nail on the head - let’s stop competing on how we birth our babies - we don’t need a race to the bottom, let’s elevate and celebrate positive experiences, no matter how they happen. I’ve had 2 c sections, one not planned and a little shit,  and one planned and perfect - the recovery is no joke, but I can’t imagine it’s great for a vaginal birth either. 

kylie April 8, 2021

@mamamia-user-556745246 We all obviously wish that Khloe felt comfortable to publish more realistic photos - but the fact is, it’s her decision what gets posted of her. I don’t know anyone who posts photos online where they don’t feel good about themselves, it’s all about the lighting and the angles. So whilst it’s disappointing, it’s not really Khloes responsibility to post natural photos instead of the edited ones, just so we can all feel better about ourselves. 

kylie February 6, 2021

@anonymous I understand hesitation, it makes sense, especially when our kids are involved, but....vaccines are such a privilege - there are so many countries that kids are dying of all the dozens of things you rightfully say our kids are vaccinated against. 

This vaccine is the coming together of all the worlds best scientists, researchers and doctors - and it’s our way out of this mess (so long as those poorer countries are also vaccinated at an equal rate).

kylie November 18, 2020

I had zero sex - not out of choice, but out of fear of vomiting in the first four months or putting my hip out in the last five months due to PGP 😩😩😩 

kylie September 7, 2020

@cat you’re right - young people, and some of the lowest income earners in retail and hospitality are the sacrificial lambs of this pandemic -  I don’t think anyone is questioning that we needed to lockdown in order to protect our hospital system, but now I think the question now is surrounding the trigger points at which we open up, and whether they’re achievable.

 If we get to the low numbers NSW is able to contain it at, which we will in the upcoming weeks -  then our death rate from new infections will be much much lower - however retail and hospitality still won’t be able to open which for many of those business owners is likely to be the final nail in the coffin.
 If the Andrews government doesn’t feel they are capable of maintaining low numbers without lockdowns - then they’re not fit for service (and I say this as a former supporter - would never vote for the other guy) 

kylie July 31, 2020

There are a lot of stories of employers essentially telling sick employees they come in or they don’t come back - staying home when you’re sick seems like a pretty easy thing to do when you’ve got access to sick leave, or work for a responsible employer who will take you back when you’re well - but for people living pay to pay, what is $1500 pandemic pay when you don’t have a job to come back to? I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not making excuses - but the blame shouldn’t be placed solely on the individuals and we should be asking more questions of the employers and the laws surrounding casual labour. 

kylie July 4, 2020

I assume there’s just as many people across the country  who believe such conspiracies - so perhaps the reason for the test refusal is more to do with the Victorian governments poor communication to immigrant and vulnerable people throughout the whole pandemic which has resulted in a lack of understanding In these communities about the importance of testing in wide numbers.

kylie June 20, 2020

@guest2  Other states had protests with no uptick in cases.  Dan Andrews and his experts chose a path early on that was separate to other states and the federal guidelines - they got it wrong and need to take some of the responsibility - which isn’t Dan Andrews strong point.  NSW opened restaurants and cafes etc prior to increasing private gatherings - social distancing is easier to control in a restaurant than in someone’s house, with the added economical benefits. 

Kylie April 27, 2020

So true. They’re also being guided by their unions and, in Victoria particularly, state governments who seem to be amplifying these fears.