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mamamia-user-657567391 February 23, 2021

@ella27 they’re not mentioning it casually. They’re saying it’s heavy stuff so start light and build up tolerance and use a sunscreen to further avoid irritation. 

mamamia-user-657567391 February 21, 2021

So basically...walk more, but also sit down and read more, and sleep more

And spend more time alone but also spend more time with your friends. 
This is the biggest no sense filler article I think I’ve ever read lol

mamamia-user-657567391 January 13, 2021

I actually think it’s more important for us to raise kids who know what their sex is and teach them that they can do/be anything regardless of that. It’s the same as the whole ‘colourblind’ arguement around race. Men and women exist, it’s a biological fact. Instead of making my son hide the fact he’s a boy, I let him wear what he wants, play with whoever he wants and if he loves another man down the track then that’s perfectly fine too. And I will raise him to understand that girls can play with and be whatever they want to as well. Stamping out the reality of someone’s sex is like throwing out the baby with the bath water 

mamamia-user-657567391 September 23, 2020

Can we talk about all the patriarchal ‘my sister’ ‘my daughter’ bullshit. These women are not your property and they have names...please use them 

mamamia-user-657567391 August 16, 2020

I was thinking about using a C & K kindy for my boy’s kindergarten year but the emphasis this story has placed on forcing sharing has made me reconsider. I think anyone who has current early childhood knowledge knows that this concept of making our children share ie forcing them to give up what they have because another child wants it is outdated and unfair. Children are going to learn to share naturally without us projecting our needs for adult like ‘manners and social skills’ onto them. 

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