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someoneoutthere August 8, 2021

We want to be counted properly. Two of our household are doctors, we know how important it is for stats to exist and at the moment the stats don't exist. 

someoneoutthere August 8, 2021

My household there was some debate about what to put. What does the trans person put down? At least the non-binary person had an option, until it was realized they would be randomly allocated male/female. 

someoneoutthere July 21, 2021

I'm a FIFO HCW. Every time there's an outbreak I don't get to go home.

And covid being allowed to run rampant terrifies me. The results in poorly vaccinated communities will be devastating. We have no ICUs nor HDUs. Anyone sick gets flown out. But to where if the city hospitals are full? 
All through this pandemic I've taken the shattered phone calls from my overseas colleagues. They are exhausted and falling to pieces. I don't want that here 

someoneoutthere July 14, 2021

Mate it's not that the kids have no resilience, a big part of it is they aren't hopeful for their futures. 

They're looking down the barrel of climate catastrophe, only insecure work being available, never being able to have their own family, and probably never going to have their own home. 

It is terrible for one's mental health when you see the world teetering on collapse, and the people in charge rearranging the deck chairs. 

someoneoutthere April 17, 2021

I work in health. Pre-covid I would always work while sick, at least as long until a replacement was available, now with covid the only option is to go off work sick and get a swab. Managers are complaining about us all taking more sick leave. Yet if we dared continue to work without getting a swab that would not only be dangerous, we would be condemned if we later returned a positive. 

Our chief health officer praises those who do the right thing, but that message hasn't gotten to our management teams. 

someoneoutthere October 3, 2020

Some people are flakey because of big things in their life. Some of my friends are super flakey, and it is definitely annoying, but I recognise their flakiness often also causes them distress. 

How to deal with flakiness? Realize any plan is pencilled in only, and make sure the plan includes something I can quite happily do myself. Meet for coffee? Excellent plan, but after fifteen minutes of waiting I will be ordering. I can enjoy a meal without my friend.