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mamamia-user-228828311 May 25, 2021

@beachhouse84 I couldn’t help but notice that all the women she has so viciously attacked have been white/light skinned women... something to think about. 

mamamia-user-228828311 May 9, 2021

You are glowing and beautiful. It takes a lot of will power to change your life for the better. I salute you! 

mamamia-user-228828311 March 29, 2021

Would you show this film clip to your toddlers and children? 

mamamia-user-228828311 January 18, 2021

We were made to watch the Lord of the Flies in school, It scarred me for life. Also in kindergarten we all sat down to watch Dot and the kangaroo and when the bunyip song came on and all the animals fled the waterhole in terror, I have been terrified of the Australian bush ever since. 

mamamia-user-228828311 January 3, 2021

I also highly recommend, ‘My octopus teacher’, ‘Maiden’ and ‘Struggle the life and lost art of Szukalski’ 

mamamia-user-228828311 January 3, 2021


We are exactly the same as you too. I was the first one to fart in our relationship and 9 years later it still causes us endless amounts of laughs when we both do it, daily. I can’t imagine being embarrassed about it and trying to hold it in- OUCH 😣 

mamamia-user-228828311 November 25, 2020

She’s purposely gone missing. I’m chuckling and secretly cheering her on. She must have had this planned well in advance when she eventually got caught for her ‘business practices’. When the sh17 hits the fan, she’s a Gone Girl.  This would make a great podcast. 

mamamia-user-228828311 November 25, 2020

A house full of love and laughter, spending time playing with your children and cuddling your husband is more important than an instagram worthy house with a perfectionist mother, who clearly has self esteem issues and a miserable household. You’re winning- and she knows it. 

mamamia-user-228828311 November 1, 2020

We are childfree and must be so blessed as noone has ever questioned our decision in fact many older people have praised it with ‘You’re a smart girl!’ 

My two  friends are also childfree by choice we are all 39/40. I don’t think being childfree is that uncommon anymore to be honest. With the world in such turmoil and chaos it isn’t a hard decision to make- to forgo bringing children into this mess. It’s the most unselfish decision you could ever make. Your friends reaction to your decision shows some underlying Insecurities on her part me thinks. Sometimes women can be threatened by your choice thinking ‘Well we all flew South so why are you flying solo, North?’ Kind of like lemmings if you think about it. 

mamamia-user-228828311 October 23, 2020

I grew up in the 80’s, my mother was a Stay at home mum raising 4 kids whilst my dad worked. Everybody lived very comfortably off one salary back then. We all went to preschool 3-4 days a week. So did all the kids in my street. Nobody battered an eyelid. Mum had many female friends raising young children at home. We all went to preschool on the same days together. Not sure why it’s an issue in 2020 when it’s always been the done thing to send your kids to preschool whether Mum is working in a career or not working/raising kids at home. I’m only realising now after reading this story how lucky our Mothers were back then!! There was zero judgment from society. 

mamamia-user-228828311 July 31, 2020

What about all the women labelled 'Karens' that have been publicly shamed non stop for the last 2 weeks? For not wearing face masks, not giving their details to the police when asked. All white women with their faces, names and even their locations and occupations plasted all over the news and in the media. So they can be called a racist, sexist and ageist name (look at the urban dictionary definition of a Karen) but people of colour who behave in a worse manner than these Karen's aren't to touched? A bit hypocritical don't you think ?