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ashleighrae July 20, 2021

@random dude Absolutely! JSP is an acronym for Job Services Provider. You may have heard of some of them, like Sarina Russo or MatchWorks. 

ashleighrae July 19, 2021

@poodletime that's incredible - congratulations on your achievements! I was linked in with very skilled practitioners who have been pivotal forces and I'm doing much better these days. 

ashleighrae July 19, 2021

@random dude I hear you. At the time, I did use those exemptions - however, Centerlinka nd JSP's do not always approve them despite having the evidence requested from your GP. Psychiatry for me, and for many others is out of reach with practitioners needing multiple appointments to make assessments, costs can run up easily over $500 - something totally out of reach for people on welfare. 

ashleighrae July 19, 2021

@ak87 Thanks for your comment ak87 - I'm actually already in the process of this, but for a different disability - I'm legally blind. NDIs is such a critical support for so many, I'd like to see it's reach deepend, and accessibility increased. 

ashleighrae July 19, 2021

@azzuri Thank you, those are kind words. I hope this piece helps others in a similar situation recognize they are not alone. 

ashleighrae July 17, 2021

@mhla Thank you - I did find excellent, well-matched therapists *eventually* funded through Victoria's Victims of Crime program who saved my life. 

ashleighrae December 17, 2020

@snorks technically they do, BUT - it is EXTREMELY difficult to obtain NDIS support for mental because it's an invisible disability where there is still stigma, and because there's the chance you'll "recover" and be functional again. 


mamamia-user-676115647 December 10, 2020

@mamamia-user-936684540 This lady absolutely did try - but was knocked back because she wasn't, for lack of a better term, crazy enough, nor stable enough for them. It is extremely difficult to get DSP for mental health because there is a chance of recovery.