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klp36 November 25, 2021

Nail. On. Head. 

Thank you for articulating my life!!

klp36 August 19, 2021

Thank you for articulating my feelings of guilt, worry, and general crapness! I’m trying to teach 25 yr6 students remotely, whilst be parent and educator to my yr2 and Prep. Inevitably, it’s my own children that get the raw end of the deal. My husband has to go to work, so it’s all on me. I’m thankful that he walks in and gets on with laundry and dinner so I can sit, just sit, for half hour 🤪 I ‘neglected’ my students this afternoon so I could fill my prep sons (very empty) cup. I’m having arguments with school parents in my head about my decision. But that’s on me isn’t it?!

klp36 August 3, 2020

Thank you. I had a shitty day, home schooling and remote teaching. I needed to hear someone else going through this - sorry! It’s lonely (even when your 5 year old Won’t. Stop. Talking!

klp36 April 24, 2020

Rest assured that the reason for all that work being set is because one size doesn’t fit all. There are other families that will be asking for more work. Teachers and schools need to be accountable. They need to be able to demonstrate that they are providing enough learning opportunities for all. If you, in your situation, is not able to complete all the work given, don’t. Do what works for your family. I’m a part-time teacher, and I know that a little bit of school work, but more incidental learning, and LOTS of free play is better for our kids and our family whilst at home. Also, on the days when I’m remote teaching; it’s a free for all! Just keep your voices down 😝