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kde May 11, 2022

The revolting texts he wrote about wanting to harm her in such a brutal manner are evidence enough that he is violent and has mental health issues. Then there’s the videos of his violent erratic behaviour. Oh and that fake story about her supposedly cutting off the top of his finger…. Depp texted both an Australian doctor and told medical staff that he in fact caused the injury. He was also clearly off his face at the time. But yet people draw a blind eye to this stuff and say she’s the one who is a liar. 

kde January 27, 2022

@thunder I just don’t understand because your dating someone for their personality. Sex is just one aspect of a relationship. Discarding people because they ‘couldn’t find your clit’ on one or two occasions is something I just can’t wrap my head around. Godforbid you end up dating a genuinely nice guy who offers up average sex because he is inexperienced or self conscious and needs a bit of encouragement! 

kde January 23, 2022

I like your article and the argument that women should be able to have sex whenever without feeling like a ‘slut’. However, I just find it a bit shallow that you’d get rid of a guy simply because he was bad in bed once or twice. Sexual chemistry often isn’t instant. It can come about after you get to know someone and once you’ve established whether you are on the same page mentally. You need more than one or two dates to establish this. I’ve had bad sex but I’ve stuck it out with the guy because they were a good person with the right values. The sex improved overtime thanks to communication and just by simply building a bond with them. Also sometimes holding out is a good way to worm out the guys who simply want sex and are looking to use you rather than give things a go.