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nat-lovexx August 18, 2022

I am choosing to stay home with my children and am in a very lucky position to be able to do so and have felt the stigma and judgement from the “working mums” - do you worry they won’t be socialised? What about your work? What about their learning will they be left behind? What will you do all day? I could never do that!!” “Oh must be nice to be able to be at home” “how leisurely to not have to work”  etc etc etc

nat-lovexx August 17, 2022

Great to read a more relatable “what my salary gets me” so many of them are working women with high paid jobs and I just can’t relate at all. 

I am a SAHM but will potentially go back part time in the next 2 or 3 years as I am currently pregnant again. I am lucky enough that my partner earns a good income but I like to keep a budget and I enjoy saving and being savvy where I can as my way to help a bit financially. 

Please do more stay at home mums or part time working mums OR women in lower paying roles such as a full time carer for a family member with disability or women like myself who work/ed in aged care and who’s salaries are much lower than these others that talk about 90k, 75k is not relatable to most people 

nat-lovexx August 17, 2022

We have always known that there was something deceptive and not right about him as a person and as a leader. He always appears smarmy and smug. I think the appropriate thing to do would be to apologise and resign but he won’t do that 

nat-lovexx August 14, 2022

If anyone chooses to be unfaithful in their relationship and hire an escort or sex worker that is 110% on the person in the relationship NOT the worker who likely uses a fake name, a fake persona and is doing their job. I think what probably rubbed some people up the wrong way was the comment that may have come across as smug that you are “helping” marriages or that you know what other peoples significant others are up to and you are always sexy and fun insinuating that their partners aren’t! Like you said in your piece… these people are paying for a fantasy and that is what you are providing. All smoke in mirrors being exactly what your client wants for an hour or however long then go home to your normal life! I think the issue is many men have egos and believe that sex workers actually enjoy their company and that the whole interaction isn’t completely contrived 

nat-lovexx August 13, 2022

I understand your curiosity but if a leader told you he was in prison for sexual abuse why in the world would you ever stay there but more to the point allow your children to stay there!?!? Secondly if you had suspicions it was a cult and you were just going for the night leave the kids with someone else for the evening it could be putting them at risk!! Seriously… the most shocking part of this story isn’t the cult itself (people will always be manipulated into cults and often evil people will misuse religion to do this) the most shocking part is the fact your children were there! I’m sorry it sounds judgemental but nothing is worth putting your children at risk for 

nat-lovexx August 12, 2022

I feel sorry for Pamela because in a way this is again bringing up the sex tape and people who were never even aware of the whole stolen sex tape are now finding out/being reminded by the recent show Pam & Tommy and now photos of his penis that he is leaking himself. Pamela was publicly shamed and treated horribly and labelled all kinds of demeaning things, career ruined after that tape was stolen and sold without her consent. Tommy was celebrated as a “legend”. I think this is his pathetic attempt as reclaiming himself as some kind of self appointed sex god but in reality he is a washed up old rock star trying to relive his younger years and get some more fame at the expense of the mother of his children and someone he once loved. Pathetic. 

I hope Pamela has moved on with her life and healed from this and is happy 

nat-lovexx August 9, 2022

Children are a blessing! The greatest thing that will ever happen to you! The fact that you worry so much seems to me that you have a deep yearning to be a mother. I think your heart is telling you what to do… 

nat-love August 4, 2022

I know the exact clinic she is referring to as I also went to this clinic in Sydney it has now been shut down! Apparently you are meant to get them redone after 10 years I will wait til after finish having children but so not looking forward to paying for it at full price and for the long and extensive recovery 

nat-love July 31, 2022

Don’t apologise to your employer at all! They will take take take endlessly then take some more. Maybe because I work in healthcare I have an extra warped view of how little employers/ hospital and care administration actually care about you and your family and about your mental health and your physical health but I personally have no apologies to my em

nat-love May 30, 2022

Beautifully written! 

Every single person deserves love and respect and is worthy of this. I am glad that you have learnt that that also includes you. I only wish the same for others as so many people feel unloveable 

nat-love May 26, 2022

I can’t even fathom how traumatising and soul destroying having your children stolen from you and also for those vulnerable little children taken and crying and missing their mummy’s and being so scared and wanting to go back! Australia’s white history is deeply shameful, barbaric and evil evil evil!! 

nat-love April 30, 2022

Prior to having my daughter I worked in disability and aged care. We don’t have any flexibility at all to work from home or have any hours we want, it’s just the shift and you have to do the whole thing because people are relying upon you for their care. In roles like my own (non office, shift work roles) most women have to work casual for any flexibility and as a result earn less, have less security etc. I think if you work in an office job and have the option to even ask for flexibility that’s pretty awesome 

nat-love March 2, 2022

Thankyou for this piece! I couldn’t agree more! I had my first child during the pandemic and was afforded some additional space with visitors but I was absolutely still bombarded particularly from people that I wasn’t even that close to! I became hugely resentful of a number of people who kept pushing and pushing to come over and outstayed their welcome completely and I was left to tidy up the house after they got to enjoy a cuddle with my daughter when I desperately wanted to be holding her! I have since distanced myself from a lot of people that absolutely drained my energy and I absolutely regret not having stronger boundaries in place for myself and my daughter and our family! I completely agree with and respect your decision for your second child and my partner and I will absolutely be doing the same thing 2-4 weeks without visitors!! Even thinking about it now still makes me angry the sense of entitlement people have!!!!!! Thankyou again you have perfectly put into words my feelings and resentments I have been holding onto for over 5 months now 

nat-love March 27, 2021

This is beautifully written and very true! Time does heal old wounds and creeps up on you without you even noticing. I identify with this from the heartbreaks I have suffered in the past. Lovely piece 

nat-love February 28, 2021

I never grew up dreaming of my wedding day and frankly didn’t care if I was never married, all I knew from a young age was that I wanted to be a mother. Although I am engaged (my partner is much more interested in marriage) we started IVF/TTC 2 years before we were engaged and owned property together before then. I am now pregnant and I couldn’t care less if we never do a wedding. This has literally nothing to do with covid. Weddings seem like such a waste of money (I’m not even looking forward to mine and am putting off planning it)