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cat lady 73 March 24, 2021

You had 4 of them ?!?

cat lady 73 March 18, 2021

Exit orifice only, not an entrance. As a nurse,  the injuries I’ve seen from this made that very clear years ago .... I say no more.

cat lady 73 March 15, 2021

I can imagine it would be more challenging if your peer group likes to drink and also your age group. I’m in my late 40s and alcohol doesn’t feature as much these days thankfully and our friends aren’t big drinkers anyway. That all helps.

cat lady 73 February 26, 2021

@kelly yep society is losing its sense of discretion and dignity. We really don’t need this imagery in our advertisements - it’s just not necessary.

cat lady 73 February 16, 2021

@fightofyourlife but you have a chance for a sleep in on the weekends or a cat nap? Come home from work and just chill out if you so desire? Parents with young kids don’t.  That’s the difference. I’ve done both ‘lives’ - I know. 

cat lady 73 February 15, 2021

Because that’s how this resonated with him personally and that’s ok !!

cat lady 73 February 13, 2021

You have given him 2 years of your life and he now tells you this ?! He’s a time waster. Time for you to move on and be allowed the opportunities to meet a man you can genuinely build your life with.

cat lady 73 February 12, 2021

After reading this drivel I’m stoked to be a crazy Gen X.

cat lady 73 February 9, 2021

I feel for you. Some of the worst years of my life were in that slog season of parenting. I would never go back there again even if you paid me 😳

cat lady 73 February 3, 2021

My sons were never into Lego. Not all kids are. You think they will be but many just aren’t 🤷‍♀️

cat lady 73 January 30, 2021

Who wants to work full time ?! If you don’t need to work full time who would?  I have 1 child and work 3 days pw. My husband works full time but would love to work part time too.  

cat lady 73 January 30, 2021

Wattle day on 1 September is a great day to celebrate Australia - I would support that as Linda Burney suggested.

cat lady 73 January 11, 2021

I don’t even like to use the term only child - it has a negative tone to it. I’m a single child also a mum to a single child by choice. I’ve never missed having a sibling - I had a lovely family life growing up in the glorious 70s & 80s.  I have never received any rude comments about choosing to have 1 child - I think people can actually appreciate the benefits to it. To each their own I say and mind your own business.