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oh really? June 24, 2022

@cat I point is that it has always been exploitation and wrapping it up in any woke term wont change that.

oh really? June 24, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 It’s a sense of entitlement because I balk at paying $125 for a Tele health service that used to be a free face to face service? I don’t think so. GP’s  are business owners and can charge what they like - but they cant expect everyone to be happy about it especially if they are offering a lesser service.

oh really? June 21, 2022

I’m glad an influencer has spoken out against OnlyFans ( even if they did back pedal later). It’s all well and good to talk about female empowerment but the bottom line is men are the main consumers of the content of this platform ( which is mainly female porn) and the male owners of the site have amassed a huge fortune from  the male viewers of this porn ( along with the fortune they amassed from their other porn based industries).

So let tell it like it is - it not about female empowerment it’s about female exploitation as it always has been. They don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing.

oh really? June 8, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 Yes - I would expect a plumber or a lawyer to work for free if for the prior 14 years it had been free and for my entire working life I had been paying a levy to goes towards free plumbing/ legal work.  By anyones standard an upfront price hike from $0 to $125 is gobsmacking also considering the fact we had to use a telephone Telehealth appt as this GP was no longer offering face to face appts. Yes so I definitely felt frustrated.

oh really? June 6, 2022

I completely understand your frustration with changes in  government directives and abusive patients, however you must be able to see the frustration from your clients perspective at the increase in the cost in a Telehealth appt, as I experienced for my teenage daughter, from free one month to $125 the next?

oh really? January 21, 2022

This article is 2 years old! I think the 2021 HSC graduates deserve better - maybe an article that acknowledges what they have had to put up with over the last 2 years of their education.

oh really? January 14, 2022

@hopey Individuals posting about their experiences is definitely OK.  Politicians and influencers referring to this disease as “mild” or “like a cold” is not. For the case in point in this article it was not mild, for many others it leads to hospitalisation or worse. 

Not to mention isolation for 7 days for the whole household (even if they test negative on an elusive RAT.) Unlike lockdown where you could walk the dog or pop to the grocery shop - in iso you are all stuck at home. What’s worse is when a another household member then tests positive on day 6 and its another 7 days.

This is happening to so many people and this time round without the economic support and the community support of lockdown and that makes it so much harder - it feels like we are no longer in this together.

oh really? January 6, 2022

Great article! Everyone in Australia needs to read this.

oh really? January 6, 2022

I don’t  think women / mothers have a problem asking for help we just don’t know where to get this type of help from, what’s involved, detailed costs etc. Hopefully a more in-depth article will follow soon with this information so we can start accessing the help we want and need.