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mamamia-user-391653937 July 10, 2021

If we had more people like Ash Barty  around the world would be a better place, what a great role model for young people. Just like her mentor . Good luck for the future Ash.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 24, 2021

This woman is incredible always going on about other States and look what has happened good luck Sydney. Hope we do not all pay the price for her vanity. 

mamamia-user-391653937 June 22, 2021

This is an absolute disgrace and should not have been allowed to happen, this government is bad enough let alone letting this pair back.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 21, 2021

What a disgrace Premier especially if you go to the Olympics should be an enquire.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 21, 2021

Barnaby Joyce back we are certainly now at an all time low.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 12, 2021

Good on you and I am sure your kids wont forget who their PARENT was.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 9, 2021

@Corrine Lawson What a disgusting comment there has been plenty of information re what Tamils are treated like in their home country or do you not read news?

mamamia-user-391653937 June 8, 2021

Good on you Adam the whole thing was a disgrace and they did nothing now they think a medal will solve everything.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 7, 2021

Isn't this clown running the country, or so I am told, supposed to be a Christian?? and he is condoning what is happening to this poor little child from Bilolia?

mamamia-user-391653937 May 31, 2021

I like others who have commented never thought I would see a worse PM than Abbot but now I have, my god the poor Victorians. It has been proved that hotels do not cope so when do we get another purpose built facility?

mamamia-user-391653937 May 30, 2021

This guy is just a creep and he is Prime Minister!!! let alone what he has married if rumors' are true re her wonting "friends in office"

mamamia-user-391653937 April 18, 2021

What a lovely story and so glad it worked out for the three of them.

mamamia-user-391653937 April 13, 2021

When is Scott Morrison out of Parliament this last thing on Christine Hogarth should be enough to sack him!! what a disgrace, also the so called head of the Board there should follow. Another case against women, hope she follows through and sues them both.

mamamia-user-391653937 April 2, 2021

So very sad to hear of Carla Zampatties death loved her fashion work and she was a remarkable woman in so many other ways.

mamamia-user-391653937 April 2, 2021

Who with any brains would take notice of this nitwit especially living here in Australia with our strong sun and damage it has caused lots of us.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 16, 2021

They are forever chasing publicity, Harry like his mother prior likes to keep in the news and Megan????

mamamia-user-391653937 February 16, 2021

This has been one of the most disgusting things that has been done to any family wherever they are from and the Minister concerned Peter Dutton is the one to blame although he himself bought cheap labor in the form of Nannies he is determined to cause as much grief as possible to this family. The Prime Minister should intervene here and get rid of this minister, cant think of one thing he has done that we could be proud of.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 14, 2021

@guest2 You are kidding this is the greatest miscarriage of justice seen, and the sad thing is the people will pay for it in the long run.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 12, 2021

What a lovely thing to learn that returning home even for a short time is not so bad, did that myself many years ago, and have been through this with my own children, its good.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 12, 2021

It is not fair that you have to share these young children with this woman, cant your husband just come and visit them without her? she certainly deserve no easy way out. But then again nor does he, what a shit.