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mamamia-user-391653937 July 28, 2022

How shameful of these seven players and what jokes they are, should be permanently sacked from the team, religion what nonsense. 

mamamia-user-391653937 January 27, 2022

This is so sad all-round what has happened to him? Such a huge fall from grace.

mamamia-user-391653937 November 18, 2021

This is an absolute disgrace and what has our so called Prime Minister done about it? Nothing of course. People of Melbourne he lies through his teeth about things to you and  that's ok, but the man who is trying to help you idiots gets this sort of treatment.

mamamia-user-391653937 November 6, 2021

What a great story glad it worked out so well.

mamamia-user-391653937 November 5, 2021

I know how difficult this situation can be good luck to you and your husband, I wish I had been that strong.

mamamia-user-391653937 September 21, 2021

Its a disgrace but what can you expect from this government, PM who cannot keep his word, Deputy PM with colorful background we are certainly going down.

mamamia-user-391653937 September 20, 2021

@Corrine Lawson You must not read world news, it is appalling conditions for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Also Peter Dutton was allowing cheap labor in the form of nannies in from overseas at the time. One rule for him and the other for this poor family.

mamamia-user-391653937 September 11, 2021

I say good on you for trying to make it work, do not worry what others say, good luck.

mamamia-user-391653937 September 7, 2021

This current government is a joke regarding this very serious problem.

mamamia-user-391653937 August 21, 2021

Good on you and good luck at the next election, what you have done is brave considering you are standing for office, we need more people like you.

mamamia-user-391653937 July 31, 2021

It is so sad what women can do to their "friends". Good on you for not taking it.

mamamia-user-391653937 July 10, 2021

If we had more people like Ash Barty  around the world would be a better place, what a great role model for young people. Just like her mentor . Good luck for the future Ash.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 24, 2021

This woman is incredible always going on about other States and look what has happened good luck Sydney. Hope we do not all pay the price for her vanity. 

mamamia-user-391653937 June 22, 2021

This is an absolute disgrace and should not have been allowed to happen, this government is bad enough let alone letting this pair back.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 21, 2021

What a disgrace Premier especially if you go to the Olympics should be an enquire.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 21, 2021

Barnaby Joyce back we are certainly now at an all time low.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 12, 2021

Good on you and I am sure your kids wont forget who their PARENT was.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 9, 2021

@Corrine Lawson What a disgusting comment there has been plenty of information re what Tamils are treated like in their home country or do you not read news?

mamamia-user-391653937 June 8, 2021

Good on you Adam the whole thing was a disgrace and they did nothing now they think a medal will solve everything.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 7, 2021

Isn't this clown running the country, or so I am told, supposed to be a Christian?? and he is condoning what is happening to this poor little child from Bilolia?