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mamamia-user-391653937 April 18, 2021

What a lovely story and so glad it worked out for the three of them.

mamamia-user-391653937 April 13, 2021

When is Scott Morrison out of Parliament this last thing on Christine Hogarth should be enough to sack him!! what a disgrace, also the so called head of the Board there should follow. Another case against women, hope she follows through and sues them both.

mamamia-user-391653937 April 2, 2021

So very sad to hear of Carla Zampatties death loved her fashion work and she was a remarkable woman in so many other ways.

mamamia-user-391653937 April 2, 2021

Who with any brains would take notice of this nitwit especially living here in Australia with our strong sun and damage it has caused lots of us.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 16, 2021

They are forever chasing publicity, Harry like his mother prior likes to keep in the news and Megan????

mamamia-user-391653937 February 16, 2021

This has been one of the most disgusting things that has been done to any family wherever they are from and the Minister concerned Peter Dutton is the one to blame although he himself bought cheap labor in the form of Nannies he is determined to cause as much grief as possible to this family. The Prime Minister should intervene here and get rid of this minister, cant think of one thing he has done that we could be proud of.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 14, 2021

@guest2 You are kidding this is the greatest miscarriage of justice seen, and the sad thing is the people will pay for it in the long run.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 12, 2021

What a lovely thing to learn that returning home even for a short time is not so bad, did that myself many years ago, and have been through this with my own children, its good.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 12, 2021

It is not fair that you have to share these young children with this woman, cant your husband just come and visit them without her? she certainly deserve no easy way out. But then again nor does he, what a shit.

mamamia-user-391653937 February 3, 2021

This girl is lovely and as an older Australian am proud to have someone like her represent me. I wish people would grow up in this multicultural country, well we like to think we are.!!

mamamia-user-391653937 January 26, 2021

This women is a disgrace to tennis and our democracy why are we giving her anything?

mamamia-user-391653937 January 24, 2021

America is lucky to have them, hopefully we will see it rise again.

mamamia-user-391653937 December 23, 2020

Please could we please have less Megan stuff in the New Year, she is so fake.

mamamia-user-391653937 December 6, 2020

This case was a disgusting miscarriage of justice, how can he and his family hold ther heads up, so much shame.

mamamia-user-391653937 October 28, 2020

Grub is the least he could be called if they vote him in again god help them

mamamia-user-391653937 October 8, 2020

These two were far better than Trump. God help USA if they vote him in again

mamamia-user-391653937 September 3, 2020

What an inspiring person she is and how lucky are her two children, I certainly intend to get this new book of hers.

mamamia-user-391653937 June 11, 2020

The sooner Trump goes the better the world will be, but we can hardly talk when our own Prime Minister comes out with statements like "no slavery in Australia" where do we get these men?