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mamamia-user-105701183 March 8, 2021

I’m not sure if the card is the answer or not - but anyone who has lived and worked in these communities knows that the situation is absolutely dire. it does make you wonder when people are concerned about civil liberties etc whether they have ever seen first hand for themselves what is actually happening. There is generational welfare dependency and entrenched violence and absolute family dysfunction. Not every family of course but certainly enough to warrant something to be done. As has been pointed out by several it is the communities themselves who are crying out for some drastic action. 

mamamia-user-105701183 March 8, 2021

Whilst the pain and emotion was genuine and quite powerful to watch, remember we have only heard one side of the story. There is always two sides and it is quite likely that we will never hear the other and certainly not in the form of a tell all interview. Misunderstandings and misrepresentations do occur. Is it possible, for example, that the ‘senior royal’ made a comment a long the lines ‘oh wonder who baby will take over - will he have your colouring Meghan or be fair like Harry’. Obviously I wouldn’t have a clue but do know that sometimes even the most innocent of comments can be misconstrued if the person is feeling particularly vulnerable. Maybe it was more a case of foot n mouth - insensitive, inappropriate but not actually racist. Again whatever occurred I think it’s important to remember that we only have heard from Meghan and Harry - certainly speaking ‘their truth’ but perhaps not the objective truth. 

mamamia-user-105701183 February 25, 2021

This might be a really stupid question - but does just finding a foot mean 100% she is dead. Obviously I know given all the circumstances around her situation it is almost certain that she is - but theoretically you can survive without a foot and without a body I just didn’t think you could definitively say someone was dead?

mamamia-user-105701183 November 9, 2020

@guest2 of course there are educated and well off republicans who support Trump because they are looking after their own interests but as this article eludes to and is well known, there are also a lot of uneducated and relatively poor voters who support Trump for the reasons outlined in this article and because Trump has deliberately exploited their ignorance. He has even boasted how the uneducated poor love him! While Democrats don’t have much of a hope of introducing universal healthcare that’s not from want of trying which is far better than the Republicans who vehemently oppose it and were responsible for watering down Obamacare so much.

mamamia-user-105701183 November 8, 2020

But the really sad thing is that Trump brought in policies that actually hurt the working class or poor far more than the Democrats. It is the Democrats that want universal healthcare for example and Trump who is vehemently opposed to this. It is Trump who favours big business and tax cuts to the rich at the expense of the poor. The abominable thing is that Trump exploited the ignorance and educational disadvantage of so many of his supporters. 

mamamia-user-105701183 October 27, 2020

I had 4 c- sections. The first was emergency and was under a general. Physically I was in a lot of pain afterwards but still recovered quickly and it was managed well with medication. The others were all elective and what I wasn’t prepared for was the overwhelming nausea from the spinal block. Have never experienced anything like it and was by the far the worst part of the experience. So much so that I would have preferred to go under as I didn’t experience any nausea from the general. The 4th was also quite stressful - a lot of bleeding and subsequent quite slow and emotional recovery rate after losing so much blood. I found the physical pain of recovery the easiest part of the procedure.

Rudge October 5, 2016

I haven't changed my argument at all. It is a really complex issue and I certainly don't have the answers. It's all well and good to say that they shouldn't have children but no one has logistically said how this is to be carried out and what the ramifications would be of forced sterilisation on society. Because that's what it would be - forced sterilization. What I have objected to and what other people have objected to is the totally inappropriate and disrespectful way you are talking about people with intellectual disabilities. Even if you do work with them does not give you the right to talk about them in this way - infact it makes it worse. I would be horrified if any of my sons workers were referring to him in this way and it is one of rhe main reasons why I am such a strong advocate for people with disabilities - I don't want the sector to be so under resourced and stressed that they are forced to employ nasty and judgemental people like yourself. Hopefully this is only your internet facade and you are using exaggeration for effect and to get your point across.

Rudge October 5, 2016

So do we intervene with everyone who we believe can't look after a baby? Who decides? What is the IQ cut off point? What about people with drug addictions? Women in violent relationships? How do we do this? Forced sterilisation - do police come around and get them? Not so simple is it.

Rudge October 4, 2016

I guess my point was - as a mother of a son with a significant disability- it is so important to me that he is treated with respect. Your comment and reply was disrespectful towards people with disabilities and is deeply offensive. They have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and for their wants to be acknowledged. As stated in my original comment- which you seemed to have missed- this is very different to having their wants granted. I am really hopeful that you don't really work with people with disabilities and have just said this to give your argument more 'weight' - otherwise it is truly frightening that someone with such simplistic and narrow views is working with such vulnerable people.

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