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flaka34 January 29, 2022

Seriously, good on you. The awful truth is we have been brainwashed since birth into believing that alcohol does all those things, gives you courage, makes you relax etc etc however the opposite is true. Your account relating to the men who did not like that you weren't drinking speaks volumes, just yuk.

flaka34 January 26, 2022

I only wish I didn't care that so many women have treated her harshly over this.... literally breaks my heart

flaka34 January 7, 2022

I seriously don't know if I could loathe the Morrison government any more than I already do....

flaka34 October 31, 2021

The world feels so ugly at the moment...

flaka34 October 14, 2021

Heartbreaking. And the rise of white nationalists paying homage to Hitler disgusts me further. To admire such a person is beyond me

flaka34 August 27, 2021

What I find really interesting is the absolute distrust we have in both government and big pharma. Here we have a worldwide health crisis and it wasn't only staunch anti vaxxers questioning the validity and safety of the vaccines, mum and dad from the suburbs had a lot to say at first also. Sadly there is a level of cynicism so entrenched due to past corruptive practices of both government and big business. Do we actually matter? Sometimes I wonder. 

flaka34 June 23, 2021

Three of us, all women in our 60's, just don't know whether we should laugh, or do what our gut is telling us to do and scream. Loudly. So bloody sick of it

flaka34 April 25, 2021

We have never looked after our veterans, and its a disgrace. I genuinely believe that 99% of Australians would support all and every effort to help those suffering the effects of war no matter what it costs. To read that a 20 year veteran actually asking for help was told there is no help for months just makes my blood boil. My heart goes out to you Ms Finley and I so hope the royal commission's recommendations mean no veteran ever has to be told what your son was. I thank you for everything you are doing. With much respect.....