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reneec1303 January 4, 2023

Can you please post a follow up since this happened to you?With your prolapse? I have a prolapse, it does not bother me ,no troubles going to bathroom. Just have the bulge

reneec1303 May 26, 2022

I tried signing up on Facebook, got rejected, I just wanted to meet and talk to others that ate going through what I am but being rejected just makes me feel ever lower of myself and Hate myself more.

reneec1303 May 26, 2022

I am wanting to leave a long comment and question  but when I finished the comment button is no where around to send it?

I found out 4 or 5 years ago I had a bladder prolapse, I went through menopause at 48.. I usually go every year for my papsmears, doc said new they tell women every 3rd 4th year get paps, well went this year she said okay you have had clear paps just come back next year. I asked about my prolapse which doctor's gave seen since I got the little creature, none seemed worried, I said well I described my prolapse, it is out of opening some she said that's common, I said I pee a little when I am sneezing alot again that's common, she asked if I can pee okay and go to bathroom okay, I said yes she said that's good just come in next year for regular pap or if it starts bothering you, she never said anything about the bloaty kinda pressure on front below belly, do you get pressure and if so how do you manage it, mine don't hurt just little pressure...and a y suggestions? I stopped moving furniture by myself and heavy things just to be safe.. I do not want surgery, I asked about a pessary she said not to worry about that until it starts bothering me,she did not nor do at last pap seemed concerned, I feel like a freak and want to cry...