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guest he him August 31, 2021

I was fortunate enough not to receive a text from the (not so) honorable MP.  Maybe all those who did should email him and ask not to send any again.

[email protected]

Email address from his official website.

guest he him August 24, 2021

Yeah, nah.  I started to write a response, then read the follow up peace, which I then started to reply to but had my thoughts covered more eloquently by Katie Rabbit whom I wanted to copy here but it's too big.  

Go read her response on tapestry, sums it up perfectly.

guest he him July 24, 2021

Thankyou., I am so sorry for your losses (bloody hell that's an inadequate thing to say)

3300 suicides per year (2019), 3 x the national road toll. 

Every 8 hours 2 men and 1 woman take their own lives, 6 men and 3 women every day I Australia.

This is Australia's deadliest issue, far beyond anything else yet compared to terrorism, drink driving or DV there is no coverage.

Please everyone ask your friends how they are doing, and don't take "yeah good you" response at face value

guest he him July 3, 2021

@snooze Hang on, are you saying that a mismatched sex need between long term partners allows the partner whose needs aren't being met to run back to an old flame for purely physical needs? 

I don't think Netflix would run this scenario in reverse as that would just be called "Husband cheats with Ex" and get 0% of 51% of the population watching. (Sorry for the rubbery %s)

guest he him June 15, 2021

"maybe men could take over and undergo a 20-minute snip"

It can be painful and have long lasting effects. Tube ligation takes only 30 minutes but you wouldn't suggest that. Good article until that line

guest he him June 15, 2021

His name was Mathew Dunbar

guest he him May 28, 2021

The vaccine is not a virus forcefield, it doesn't stop you catching it but lessens the severity. 

guest he him May 26, 2021

@cat they did just prove it, twice. He is not guilty, to say otherwise is to throw out the rule of law.