Princess Mary is so damn nice, that people who work for her get fired over it.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and daughter Princess Isabella.






Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is just about the nicest Crown Princess Mary of Denmark the world has ever seen.

In a new ‘tell-all’ book (those ‘tell-all’ books never fail to disappoint… or lie), an ex-bodyguard of the royal couple revealed that some employees lost their jobs for getting too friendly with Princess Mary.

Her own kindness led them to feel too comfortable and take not-so-royal liberties (we suspect this includes saying ‘hi’ or looking at the Princess directly in the eyes) and then BAM!

They were fired.


New Idea has reported that Princess Mary is set to be the subject of a book by former royal protection officer Frank Martinsen, called Liv Vagt (Danish for ‘The Bodyguard’). Also, she will be the subject of a Channel Ten telemovie in 2015, AND Prince Frederik will be the focus of a Danish film about his younger years as a playboy Prince.

My, my. Lots of telling-all in 2015 for the Danish Royals.

These guys are SUCH scallywags.

According to Frank Martinsen,”a couple of Crown Princess Mary’s bodyguards were actually fired because they started seeing themselves as her friends.” Apparently, Prince Frederik does not like the staff to cross the border into personal relationships, and any over-familiarity is cause for being fired. But Mary is so nice and lovely (of course she is, she’s Aussie), that her friendliness is what encouraged the employees to relax their professionalism in the first place.


We like the royal couple. And we think it’s perfectly acceptable for Mary to get a reputation of being TOO NICE. But we do look forward to seeing the telemovies based on their lives as scandalous singles. No doubt, they’ll be completely inaccurate, and very entertaining.


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